Contact Details

Certification Services Division 

Telephone +44 (0)1604 438300 and ask to speak to the relevant member of staff from those listed below:, Head of Certification – with responsibility for compliance by BINDT with relevant normative criteria, and for compliance with BINDT normative criteria by sub-contractors and clients seeking management systems certification and/or BINDT accreditation, and for information on any aspect of PCN examinations and documentation. Special responsibility for management of the Certification Services Division., responsible for undertaking assessments of companies that support BINDT and for developing BINDT’s auditing services., for technical matters in the Certification Services Division., UK NANDTB, CMC and GTC Secretary. With special responsibility for management support to Nicole Banks. for information on the BINDT ATO scheme (BINDT course accreditation) and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)., for information on AQB, ISO 9001, outside and inside agency, RIS 2701 audits and general administration duties., for information on PED, the BINDT ATO scheme (BINDT course accreditation) and general administration. for administrative support of the PCN CM programme.
Lisa Anderson, Jessica Bowers, Kiera Brown, Leanne Hemsley and Luke Webster – Certification Records Office for PCN certificate issue and renewal enquiries.