PCN Panel Sessions develop rapport in the Middle East


A number of PCN panel sessions, organised by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), were held at Olympus MEA FZ-LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), on 8 and 9 November 2017. The sessions aimed to address the concerns of certificate holders, their employers and end-users following the withdrawal of NDT International PTE Ltd’s Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) and Authorised Qualifying Body (AQB) status.

Senior representatives from BINDT delivered the PCN Panel Sessions over two days and visited various companies on an individual basis over a further three days in order to explain the NDT International PTE Ltd issues and the rationale behind the actions PCN has taken.

The panel sessions and individual meetings were very well received and the attendees were appreciative of the BINDT representatives visiting in person to answer questions and be accountable for the actions taken; consequently, they all understood the importance of certificate holders being re-examined under the PCN Scheme. Delegates were also advised on how BINDT will be policing and protecting the PCN Scheme going forward, with the aim of building confidence in the PCN Scheme among certificate holders, their employers and end-users.

Nicole Banks, Head of Certification at BINDT, said: “By arranging the sessions and meetings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we were able to convey the key messages on a personal level, therefore reinforcing confidence. This also made it easier to clarify any issues and explain what we are doing and our reasons why and we are pleased with the response to our approach.”

After the success of the event and the rapport that has now been established in the UAE, the Institute is keen to maintain this relationship and is developing the following future initiatives:
  • Establishing a branch in the region;
  • Agreeing on the location of the Certification Conference 2019 in Dubai; and
  • Organising a consultation of the Certification Management Committee (CMC) and AQBs to discuss options for monitoring and maintaining 100% assurance for certificates in the future.

End-users/employers have also agreed to highlight their concerns regarding potential or existing PCN candidates and their future abilities to the Institute.

Cameron Sinclair, CEO of BINDT, added: “The trip was very informative and the information exchanged was two-way. Overall, it added a lot of value for BINDT and, I think, the people we met.”

For further information, contact Nicole Banks on tel: +44 (0)1604 438250 or by email to: nicole.banks@bindt.org