Eddyfi announces exclusive distribution and collaboration agreement with HTC


As a world leader in advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, Eddyfi Technologies has announced the signature of an official long-term agreement with Heat Transfer Consultants Inc (HTC, also known as Inspection Software Systems (ISS)) for the exclusive distribution of TubePro and a series of advanced NDT reporting software.

Ten years ago, HTC created what is said to be the best reporting software for heat exchanger tubing inspection. Since then, TubePro has dominated the market, allowing efficient reporting to be carried out for thousands of jobs worldwide. Simultaneously, Eddyfi Technologies took the market by storm with the Ectane® test instrument, which has become the standard in the industry. Due to this, HTC and Eddyfi Technologies decided to join forces and take the next step in terms of reporting software.

Louis Beaulieu-Charbonneau, Marketing and Products Vice President at Eddyfi Technologies, said: “NDT professionals and decision-makers involved in asset management need better reports and they need them faster. This is exactly where we are going. Instead of having Eddyfi and HTC follow independent development tracks, we will harmonise and coordinate our efforts. This unique business relationship and intimacy will allow Eddyfi and HTC to share data structures and align roadmaps to continuously deliver next-generation reporting tools for the industry.”

TubePro 5 brings many key features to improve productivity, such as picture-based ultra-fast tubesheet mapping, and it comes as standard with 3D modelling and visualisation tools. Many more capabilities will be implemented on a regular basis, including compatibility with innovative tubing probes and array data formats, through systematic updates, and it will be better synchronised with the Magnifi® software. Lars Meyer, Co-Owner and Lead Programmer at HTC, said: “We have come to the end of what version 4.x of TubePro could deliver. It was a good piece of software, but the new platform offers much more potential and we are glad to partner with Eddyfi to market this software worldwide.”

Eddyfi Technologies and HTC will leverage their relationship to address the reporting needs people are having with a variety of NDT techniques. “Eddyfi Technologies now possesses a broad portfolio of advanced NDT systems. It is inevitable that we will seek to create, with HTC, the most brilliant reporting software for those and for others that we will acquire in the future,” concluded Louis.