North Star Imaging introduces automatic loading for product X-ray scanning


North Star Imaging has launched a new add-on device that can be incorporated into standard and existing NSI X-ray and computed tomography (CT) systems for automatic part loading and unloading, called robotiX.

robotiX uses a simple interface that allows end-users to easily create new robotic motion control programs. These programs allow for reusable safe-zone sub-routines that speed up the programming process to ensure that the NSI X-ray or CT system is up and running quickly when programming new parts for loading/unloading.

robotiX also integrates seamlessly with NSI’s efX software to acquire, process and archive images with a user-friendly interface. Its safety area scanner removes the need for added area protection and keeps the workplace secure by disabling the system if an object or person enters the predefined operating perimeter.

Adding robotiX to an NSI system reduces cycle time, increases productivity and allows for more efficient use of the equipment.

Also recently introduced by the company, the X3000 system is an answer to customers needing a compact system with the unique capabilities generally available on a larger X-ray or CT system.

NSI’s applications specialists can assist with selecting the best combination of X-ray source and X-ray detector to meet client needs. The system has cabinet dimensions of 103.5 in (width) × 51.9 in (depth) × 79 in (height) and has a maximum energy of 225 kV with a geometric image magnification of up to more than 2000×.

Whether needing to penetrate through several inches of thick aluminium castings or focus on a gold bond wire as thin as a human hair, the X3000 can be configured to address any needs.