Increased numbers for BINDT Affiliate Membership


In January 2016, the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) introduced a new membership structure developed to meet the demand for simplified pathways into membership for those with roles in NDT and condition monitoring (CM) that are more functional than academic, such as practitioners and engineers. One result of the restructure included the ‘Student’ and ‘Affiliate’ member grades being combined into one ‘Affiliate’ member grade. This created an option for PCN certificate holders to join the Institute at the non-voting grade of ‘Affiliate Member’ at no charge.

In order to achieve this grade of membership, applicants must firstly hold a PCN certificate. The next step is to register on the BINDT website and enter their valid PCN number into the box on the ‘Update my other details’ tab. This will automatically enrol them as a Registered Practitioner and as a member of BINDT at the Affiliate grade, which is also free of charge. This type of membership at the Institute includes access to a valuable set of benefits, including information in the form of electronic copies of the Institute’s publications including Insight and NDT News, advice and guidance on registering as a professional engineer, freedom to use the ‘My Career’ section of the BINDT website, a resource centre that includes an online CPD system, session e-tutorials and templates for producing an effective CV, and increased eligibility for awards for practitioners and committee participation.

In September 2016, the Institute launched a promotional campaign to help spread the word on the new Affiliate grade and free membership benefits to practitioners. The campaign resulted in an increase in registered practitioners and therefore an increase to 384 BINDT Affiliate Members. This represents considerable growth, but BINDT would like to encourage more PCN certificate holders to register for this valuable and ongoing source of information, learning material and advice to assist with the continual enhancement of their careers and an easier way to log work experience compatible with the requirements of PCN certification renewal.

For more information on the new membership structure, visit: or contact BINDT’s Membership Department, tel: +44 (0)1604 438300 or email: