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News from the Institute Branches – February 2017 

| South Wales Branch
A visit to the Testia facility

Steve O’Brien reports

The South Wales branch convened for our February meeting at Testia Ltd, near Newport in South Wales.

Having arrived in the car park of the facility, we were met by Grayson Jones who escorted us into the building and upstairs to the presentation suite where we were met by Phil Edwards, Keith Phillips and Steve Anniss.

Once we were all comfortably seated, Phil started the presentation, beginning with the history of Testia, (which although being part of the Airbus group also has customers in the automotive and marine sectors) and was set up approximately 3 years ago on this site, shared with other Airbus divisions / businesses now employing approximately 400 people.

He then moved onto a brief explanation of the operation of the rest of the facility, much of which involved classified defence and space projects.

Next Phil got into detail of the training and examination facilities on offer at Testia, which are open to all, not just Airbus NDT staff. He explained their philosophy of having specially designed classrooms allowing them to integrate the theory and practical elements of the course in one room. Then the FPI facility, offering water washable, post emulsifiable and solvent removable penetrant systems designed to allow several students to process parts simultaneously, followed by the MPI area which apart from the ‘normal’ portable equipment also includes 2 Baugh & Weedon 2.5kA bench units.

Moving onto Radiography, there are 2 X-Ray units, a GE/Siefert 200KV 4.5mA compound and a GE/Siefert ‘Cube’, with the option of both film and digital processing systems.

The presentation continued with ultrasonic Inspection which boasts conventional, phased array and an immersion system and then the Eddy Current inspection equipment. In addition, Testia can offer training in Acid Etch, Thermography, Hardness and Conductivity Testing.

Phil then informed us that in addition to offering LIII services covering all main NDT methods, Testia also holds EASA Part 145 status which means that they can inspect components for airline customers if requested. In addition, they manufacture and sell inspection equipment, reference standards, and ultrasonic data analysis software.

After the presentation, the team had several pieces of Testia equipment on display for us to ‘experiment’ with including a delamination Go/No Go gauge (De-Lam Tool), a dent measuring device (Moireview), scratch depth measuring device (Scratchview), thickness measuring tool (Smart U32 System) and a virtual reality headset which gave a 3D tour of the Paris Airshow!

Many thanks to the Testia team and Especially Phil Edwards for providing an enjoyable & interesting visit.


| Yorkshire Branch

Practitioner engagement

John Moody reports

The topic for the February meeting was slightly different from the usual as it did not directly involve NDT and inspection but was aimed at the practitioner.

Joe Heigold, who is passionate about BINDT and practitioners, talked about the Institute’s desire to engage with the practitioner more. There is an aim to facilitate new members to BINDT and for practitioners there is free Affiliate Membership, with a range of actual and potential benefits available. There are free sessions for practitioners at the Materials Testing Exhibition, which aim to introduce the practitioner to current and future applications of the newer technologies. Attendance at these events is eligible for continuing professional development (CPD) points and CPD is much more important for the practitioner and current certification.

There is a specific Practitioners Group that meets regularly and would benefit from more input from practitioners. If you are able to spare some time (which we recognise may be difficult due to work commitments), my email address is:

Joe then ran a prototype presentation, which was aimed at encouraging potential practitioners to join BINDT and was well received. Both presentations generated much discussion on how to engage more with practitioners.

On this occasion there was a significant quantity of buffet food left, which was attributed, by some, to the absence of Mark and Steve Brailsford. Personally, I couldn’t comment.