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News from the Institute Branches – August 2018 

| Scottish Branch
Doosan Babcock hosts BINDT Scottish Branch meeting

Fraser Hardie reports

On 22 March, Doosan Babcock’s Asset Management Team in Renfrew, on behalf of the Scottish Branch of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, hosted a seminar titled: ‘NDT in relation to structural integrity’. The Doosan Babcock Visitor Centre was packed to capacity (45) with a mixture of external clients, internal staff and NDT supply-chain personnel. The afternoon programme comprised a series of presentations and practical demonstrations, enabling Doosan Babcock to showcase its combined strengths and demonstrate the links between NDT, metallurgy and structural engineering.
Presentations included:
  • Integrating NDT data into fitness-for-service assessments, by Thomas Cullen, Senior Integrity Engineer, Doosan Babcock.
  • Repair welding of spun-cast high-alloy process 
heaters – impact on metallurgy and NDT, by Dr Juan Sanchez-Hanton, Principal Metallurgist, Doosan Babcock.
  • High-temperature ultrasonic monitoring, by Dr William Vickers, Ionix Advanced Technologies.
  • In-service ultrasonic testing (UT) of complex geometries in safety-critical nuclear plant, by John Allen, NDT Engineer, Doosan Babcock.

The seminar also featured a tour of Doosan Babcock’s non-destructive testing and metallurgy facilities, as well as demonstrations (including Olympus NDT and Ionix Advanced Technologies).
The event served to illustrate to end-users the potential value of linking a range of complementary engineering, inspection and assessment disciplines.
Thanks are due to Gary Luckett and Mark Perston of Olympus and Will Vickers of Ionix for their contributions.