Branch Awards

Institute Awards 

The Institute presents the following three Branch awards:
The Tony Lager Award

The Tony Lager Award is awarded for meritorious service to an Institute Branch by an individual.

Details of award: Framed certificate.
Eligibility: Any individual Institute member is eligible.

Nomination arrangements: Branches to nominate. Contributions to Branch and other Institute activities should be described.
Committee responsible: MQ&E Committee.

A nomination form can be downloaded here.

2015 winner: Mr Alan Hunscott

The 2015 Tony Lager Award has been won by Mr Alan Hunscott, for his service to the West Midlands Branch.

Alan Hunscott trained as a metallurgist with GKN from 1972 to 1980, before moving to Wells Krautkramer as a specialist sales engineer. He remained with the company in a variety of sales-related roles, through many name changes, until retiring earlier this year.

Alan joined BINDT in 1974 and attended his first BINDT conference at Nottingham University in 1979, becoming heavily involved thereafter.

During the 1980s, he moved to Lichfield and became an active member of the East Midlands Branch, joining the committee and eventually becoming chair for several years.

Alan joined the BINDT Technical Committee in 1987 and remained a member until 2016. He was also a long-serving member of the Trade Group and Industry Committee and the Marketing Committee.

When the East Midlands Branch became dormant, he became involved with the West Midlands Branch (he says: “I am a Black Country lad, so could understand the local members!”) and when he moved back to the area in 2003 he joined the committee, acting as Branch Representative to Council and then becoming chair from 2010 until 2014.

Alan always enjoyed Branch activities and thoroughly believes that Branch members are the ‘soul’ of BINDT.

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The T H Cole Award

The T H Cole Award is presented annually to the Institute Branch with the best percentage increase in membership during the preceding year.

Details of award: Gavel and engraved block held for one year. Also a framed certificate.
Eligibility: All Institute Branches automatically qualify.

Nomination arrangements: Automatic.

Committee responsible: MQ&E Committee.

2015 winner: North America

The winner of the T H Cole Award for 2015 is the North America Branch with a 20.68% increase in individual membership over the year. This is the third time in the last four years that the North America Branch has received this award, which represents great success in generating interest in the USA.

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Branch Service Award
The Branch Service Award is awarded for an outstanding contribution to Branches.

Details of award: Framed certificate.
Eligibility: Any Branch member who has made a significant contribution to the Branch.

Nomination arrangements: Branches to nominate. Citation to be submitted to the Secretariat and ratified by the Croxson Committee.
Committee responsible: Croxson Committee.

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