Mechanical Source Inspector

£27 per hour
VTR (UK) Staffing Limited
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A part-time Mechanical Source Inspector is required to support a company based in Warwickshire, as well as at other locations, such as the Isle of Wight, Darwen, Redford and Nottingham.

The Mechanical Source Inspector will travel to various supplier facilities to perform visual and dimensional inspections on manufactured parts, assemblies and/or sub-assemblies. Parts will be inspected to engineering drawings, customer purchase order(s), industry standards and specifications. The Mechanical Source Inspector will be required to report inspection accept/reject information directly to the customer via a web application.

  • Ability to understand complex engineering drawings and specifications per ANSI-Y 14.5
  • Minimum of six years’ hands-on experience in the aircraft industry performing product verification and supplier surveillance tasks
  • The ability to speak, read and write in English with effective communication skills
  • Extensive broad-ranging aircraft commodity knowledge and experience encompassing structures, mechanical assemblies, precision machined parts, sheet metal parts, fasteners, castings and forgings, engines, hydraulics, electrical components, electrical systems, avionics, raw materials and consumables
  • Familiarity with the following special processes: welding, coatings, NDT, heat treatment and bonding. Must be familiar with first article inspections and flight safety products
  • Experience of reading/interpreting digital data. Navigation/programming experience is not required
  • Comfortable working as an independent contractor.
Relocation is not available.

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VTR (UK) Staffing Limited, 8 Clarendon Drive, Wymbush, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK8 8ED. Tel: +44 (0)845 519 4810; Email:

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