Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician

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Are you passionate about the material sciences? As an NDT technician, you would be joining one of the largest projects on the planet and contributing to the upkeep of high standards in CERN. Take part!

With a general background in materials science, combined with relevant nationally recognised certifications in NDT, you will be required to inspect materials, welds and components using NDT, with a particular emphasis on radiographic testing (RT). 


  • Higher technical diploma in the field of material science or mechanics or a related field
  • Valid certification in RT, Level 2 or higher (following ISO 9712 or equivalent). Valid nationally recognised certificate for operating X-ray generators for industrial radiology.


  • Proven experience in conventional and computed radiography as a certified RT Level 2 or higher: experience in establishing and maintaining RT techniques to inspect materials, brazed and welded joints and components.
  • Experience in CT and µCT would be an asset.
  • Experience in other non-destructive examination techniques, such as, but not limited to, penetrant testing (PT), visual testing (VT) and ultrasonic testing (UT), would be an advantage.
  • Experience in providing and interpreting inspection results based on acceptance criteria identified on specifications, drawings or workshop orders in the framework of national and international standards and codes.
Technical competencies:
  • Knowledge and application of non-destructive testing techniques: possess strong knowledge of the theory and principles of RT inspection.
  • Knowledge of metals and alloys: composition, structure, properties, heat treatments: knowledge of the production of materials and fabrication of various types of components.

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If you are interested in applying and perhaps working in CERN in Geneva, you will find more details and the application process at:  

Closing date: 20.01.2019

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