Special Process Engineer – Heat Treatment & Metallurgy

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A leading manufacturer of aerospace components, responsible for the technical ownership of all heat treatment and metallurgical processes, is looking for a Special Process Engineer – Heat Treatment & Metallurgy. This role includes responsibility for all aspects of process and machine qualification, approvals/accreditations, engineering support and operator qualification.

The role of Special Process Engineer requires a professional who is able to demonstrate creative, analytical and developmental thinking with a process-focussed approach. Candidates must possess qualifications and experience in aerospace manufacturing and metallurgy experience should pertain to aluminium, titanium and nickel-based alloys.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate effective communication skills at all levels and exhibit enthusiasm, team cooperation and a positive outlook. A thorough understanding of the technology and manufacturing concepts involved is required, as is the ability to prioritise.

Job role:
  • Serve as heat treatment process owner and metallurgist
  • Ensure compliance to Nadcap AC7102 series of requirements and serve as Nadcap HT audit contact
  • Ensure technical compliance to customer welding specifications and maintain customer approvals
  • Drive all pyrometry activities to ensure compliance with AMS 2750E and customer requirements
  • Serve as a point of knowledge for coordinating SAT, TUS and radiation survey requirements
  • Evaluate processes and implement improvements to drive efficiencies via a shared common-process approach
  • Contribute to the company’s quality, cost and delivery targets
  • Create/maintain all shop floor instructions/documentation, for example data sheets, procedures, etc
  • Create/implement problem resolution and development plans to address long-standing production issues
  • Support quality in the closure of process-related NCRs
  • Define specific time-based CI project plans with measureable objectives
  • Ensure that ‘best practice’ engineering and production techniques are used
  • Implement continuous improvement activities
  • Demonstrate strong root cause analysis and problem-solving techniques for special processes accreditation audits
  • Document the progress of projects and provide regular updates to the team
  • Undertake special projects as requested.

Key requirements:
  • Educated to HNC/HND or be a degree level engineer/metallurgist
  • Aerospace experience is required
  • Experience with AMS 2750 pyrometry is required
  • Knowledge of Nadcap requirements (AC7102 series) is required
  • Previous Nadcap audit experience is required
  • Familiarity with customer heat treatment specifications, for example RPS654 & Pr-011
  • Be organised, able to prioritise work effectively and be able to work well under pressure
  • Problem-solving experience in aerospace special processes is preferred
  • Additional special processes experience (for example chemical processing, MTL, NDT, etc) is desirable.

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Violet Search Associates, Tel: +44 (0)121 272 8447; Email: info@violetsearch.co.uk
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