Programme 14 June 2017

13-16 June 2017, ILEC Conference Centre, London, UK 

Wednesday 14 June
08.00 onwards Registration – Room: TBC
08.30-09.00 Plenary [201]
Title: TBC
Author: TBC
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC

15-Minute Comfort Break
  Session 3A – Mechanical diagnostics and prognostics
Chair: Dr R Klein
Room: TBC
Session 3B – TBC
Chair: Professor L Wang
Room: TBC
Session 3C – Signal and image processing, pattern recognition and finite element modelling
Chair: Professor E Juuso
Room: TBC
Session 3D – Condition monitoring methods and technologies – General condition monitoring
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC
Session 3E – Condition monitoring methods and technologies – Application of acoustic emission testing for condition monitoring of various structures
Chair: Professor I Razuvaev
Room: TBC
Session 3F – Ultrasound
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC
Session 3G – Signal processing
Chair: Dr M Papaelias
Room: TBC
09.15-09.35[202] An analytical model for rolling element spall interaction in bearing inner race

E Madar, G Kogan and J Bortman
Pearlstone Center for Aeronautical Engineering Studies and Laboratory for Mechanical Health Monitoring, Department of Mechanical Engineering

[203] Electrostatic monitoring of tribo-contacts: then and now

H Powrie, L Wang and R Wood
University of Southampton

[204] Invited Overview Presentation

Signal processing for condition monitoring – exciting challenges ahead

Professor N Martin
[205] Integrated binocular vision sensor fusion for conveyor belt rupture monitoring

Y Pang1, T Qiao2, L Chen2 and G Yan3
1Transport Engineering and Logistics section, Delft University of Technology
2Engineering Research Center for Measuring and Controlling Technology, Taiyuan University of Technology
3School of Information Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology

[206] Application of acoustic emission in integrated structural health monitoring systems: Problems, solutions and results

I Razuvaev
Alcor Corp

[207] Invited Overview Presentation


Professor K Balasubramanian

[208] Evaluation of damage mechanics of industrial wind turbine gearboxes

V J Junior1, J Zhou1,
S Roshanmanesh1, F Hayati2, S Hajiabady1, X Y Li1,
H Dong1 and M Papaelias1
1School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham
2School of Engineering, University of Birmingham

09.35-09.55[209] Vibration analysis of double Cardan joints with needle bearing faults

M Battat
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

[210] Condition monitoring of PTFE composite material bearing through the wearing simulation

K Yang and Y Gao
Wuhan University of Technology, China
[211] Steel grade-specific stress predictions to support roller leveller maintenance

R-P Nikula and K Karioja
University of Oulu

[212] Security monitoring system development for large-scale portal crane

K Ding, N Zhao, H Wang, Y Zhang and Y He
China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute

[213] The advanced acoustic emission technique for condition monitoring of industrial facilities

T B Petersen, V V Shemyakin, A B Samokhvalov and V Y Chernigovsky

[214] Novel active ultrasonic reflectometry measurement technology for monitoring the condition and performance of hydrodynamic bearings

P Harper
Tribosonics Ltd
[215] Indicative bearing fault analysis of wind turbine generator bearings using tower vibration

E Mollasalehi
University of Calgary
09.55-10.15[216] Phase editing for enhanced diagnosis of bearing faults under variable speed conditions

L Barbini1, M Eltabach2 and J L duBois1
1Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath
2Senlis, Cetim

[217] Early failure detection for bearings in electrical environments

M Zuercher1  and K Esmaeili2
1Process Machinery and System Engineering, Germany
University of Southampton
[218] Crusher wear monitoring in IoT framework

A Koistinen, J Laurila and E Juuso
University of Oulu

[219] Review of condition indicators for transformers in marine applications

S Bhandari1, M Chai1, S Aravinth1, S K Panda1, N Sivakumar2 and A K Gupta2
1National University of Singapore
2Rolls Royce Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

[220] AE source location in the monitoring of industrial structures

A B Samokhvalov

[221] Direct load measurement of a wind turbine high-speed shaft bearing in the field

G Nicholas1, T Howard1, R Dwyer-Joyce1, J Wheals2 and D Benchebra2
1The University of Sheffield
2Ricardo Innovations Ltd, Midlands Technical Centre

[222] Task-specific condition monitoring of industrial CT systems using dedicated data quality measures

T Schoenfeld and M Bartscher
Bundesanstalt, Germany

Exhibitors Spotlight Session with Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: TBC
11.30-11.50[223] Influences of clearances in gear systems on signal vibration

I Dadon
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

[224] Advanced signal processing techniques for wind turbine gearbox bearing failure detection

K Esmaeili1, M Zuercher2, L Wang1 , T J Harvey1 and W Holwegeri3
1University of Southampton
2Process Machinery and System Engineering, Germany
3Schaeffler Technologies, Germany

[225] Advanced data analysis in condition-based operation and maintenance

E K Juuso
University of Oulu

[226] PMSM-based marine propulsion motor for the development of advanced health monitoring methods

K Ahsanullah
National University of Singapore

[227] Investigations of the AE signal propagation in vessels and tanks inoperation

A Kamyshev, I  Razuvaev and E Suchkov
Alcor Corp

[228] Invited Overview Presentation

Materials coating

Professor R Fu

[229] Initial steps towards an automated system for monitoring the TIG welding process

D Bacioiu1, G Melton2, M Papaelias1 and R Shaw2
1University of Birmingham
2TWI Ltd

11.50-12.10[230] High-definition gearbox monitoring

S Jackson1 and C Larsson2
1SPM Instrument UK Ltd
2SPM Instrument AB

[231] Design of miniature viscosity sensor based on single-chip microcomputer

K Yang1,2, X Zeng1 and X Sun2
1Reliability Engineering Institute, Wuhan University of Technology
2National Engineering Research Center for Water Transport Safety, Wuhan University of Technology

[232] Transient dynamic finite element modelling of flexible rotor systems with non-linear fluid film bearings and faults

S Heyns, A Kruger and A J Oberholster
University of Pretoria

[233] Correlation-based condition monitoring of a roller chain

T Kärcher and G Schullerus
Energodiagnostika Co Ltd

[234] Application of acoustic emission method to diagnose damage in pneumatic cylinders

H Mahmoud1, F Vlasic2, P Mazal1 and M Jana3
1Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic
2Center of Technical Diagnostic ZD Rpety – DAKEL, Czech Republic
3Poličské Strojírny a.s., Policka, Czech Republic

[235] Using ultrasound to improve lubrication practices

C Hallum
UE Systems UK & Ireland

[236] Welding quality monitoring using acoustic emission techniques

M Xing1, P Mayorkinos1, G Melton2 and R Shaw2
1University of Birmingham
2TWI Ltd
[237] The novel higher order technique, the wavelet spectral cross-covariance for gearbox vibration condition monitoring

L Gelman1, K Solinski2, B Shawand M Vaidhianathasamy3
1Cranfield University
2Meggitt Sensing Systems Switzerland
3Newcastle University

[238] Integrated smart bearings for next-generation aero engines.
Part 1: Development of a sensor suite for automatic bearing health monitoring

I Bashir1, L Wang1, T J Harvey1, B Zaghari2, A Weddell2 and N White2
1National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS), Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton
2Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton
[239] Piston leak detection in an axial piston pump using the Vold-Kalman filter

D Bensaad, A Soualhi and F Guillet
Université de Lyon

[241] Condition monitoring method of satellite flywheel system based on acoustic parameters fusion

T He1, H Wang2, W Liu1, Q Pan1 and Q Tao2
1School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Beihang University
2Beijing Institute of Control Engineering
[242] Training of NDT personnel in the field of condition monitoring and technical diagnostics based on the metal magnetic memory method

S Kolokolnikov and A Dubov
Energodiagnostika Co Ltd, Moscow, Russia

[243] Effective automated analysis of acoustic emission signals
N Angelopoulos and M Papaelias
University of Birmingham

[244] Online real-time monitoring system through using adaptive angular-velocity VKF order tracking

Y Ting-Chi and P Min-Chun
National Central University, Taiwan 

[245] Integrated smart bearings for next-generation aero engines.
Part 2: Energy harvesting and wireless communication development

B Zaghari1, A Weddell1, N White1, I Bashir2, T J Harvey2 and L Wang2
1Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton
2National Centre for Advanced Tribology at Southampton (nCATS), Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton
[246] High-frequency transformer modelling using state space representation for FRA studies

A Abu-Siada Curtin University of Technology, Australia

[248] Using vibration and acoustic emissions to monitor wear damage in a slurry pipeline

M Lipsett and C Ying
University of Alberta
[249] Application of ultrasound technology in condition monitoring

P Holstein

[250] Meeting of the International Committee of Condition Monitoring
Lunch and Exhibition – Room: TBC
Plenary [251]
Title: TBC
Author: TBC
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC

15-Minute Comfort Break

Session 4A – Signal processing
Chair: I Petrunin
Room: TBC
Session 4B – TBC
Chair: Professor S Noroozi
Room: TBC
Session 4C – Advanced signal processing in condition monitoring
Chair: Professor S Lahdelma and Mr K Karioja
Room: TBC
Session 4D – Condition monitoring methods and technologies – General condition monitoring
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC
Session 4E – Condition monitoring methods and technologies – Acoustic emission
Chair: Professor I Razuvaev
Room: TBC
Session 4F – SHM
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC
Session 4G – Railways
Chair: Dr M Papaelias
Room: TBC
14.45-15.05[252] Identification of multi-faults in rotor-bearing system using spectral kurtosis and EEMD

X Gong1, B Zhao1, A Georgiadis2, W Du1 and Z Xiao1
1Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, China,
2Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany

[253] Visualising kinematics of Össur elastic energy storing and returning prosthetic foot using novel low-cost optical tracking systems

S Noroozi1, N Aslani1, P Sewell1, A Ong2 and M Khoo2
1Bournemouth University
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya

[254] Methods for automatic condition monitoring

K Karioja
University of Oulu

[255] Integrated generator rotor and stator winding condition monitoring

M Sasic, J Letal and G C Stone
Iris Power – Qualitrol, Canada

[256] Application of acoustic emission for evaluating technical condition of equipment in the process of RBI

A Miseiko
Scientific and Technical Center LLC
[257] Invited Overview Presentation

SHM (Structural health monitoring)

Professor V Hristoforou
[258] Increasing the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of railway network operations through effective remote condition monitoring

E H Gunel1, P Yilmazer1, U Bicer1, B B Altintas1, A Amini2, P Vallely2,3, Z  Huang2, F P Garcia Marquez4, S Kaewunruen2 and M Papaelias2
1Turkish State Railway Research and Technology Centre, Turkey
2University of Birmingham
3Network Rail Infrastructure Limited

4ETSII, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real
[259] Detection and diagnosis of rail surface defects using signal and image processing techniques

A K Ng1, L Martua1, J Yebra2 and G Sun2
1Singapore Institute of Technology
2Land Transport Authority, Singapore
[260] Monitoring the suitability of the fit of a lower-limb prosthetic socket using an artificial neural network in commonly encountered walking conditions

P Davenport1, S Noroozi1, P Sewell1 and S Zahedi2
1Bournemouth University
2Chas A Blatchford and Sons Ltd

[261] Axle mounted piezoelectric energy harvester for continuous energy harvesting from rotation and vibration

M Leinonen, J Palosaari, J Juuti and H Jantunen
Microelectronics Research Unit, University of Oulu
[262] Multiple physical signal-based performance degradation prediction of slewing bearing

H Wang1, B Zhang1, R Hong1, X Gao2 and B Pang3
1School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Nanjing Tech University
2Shanghai OujiKete Slewing Bearing Co Ltd
3Luoyang LYC bearing Co Ltd 
[263] Low-speed bearing condition monitoring with acoustic emission techniques

F Alshammari
Cranfield University

[264] Measurement of a defect size in a plate by incorporating an inverse problem 

A Sedaghati and F Honarvar
NDE Lab, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, K N Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
[265] Wayside detection of axle bearing faults in rolling stock through correlation processing of high-frequency acoustic emission signals

Z Huang1, M Papaelias1 and Z Q Lang2
1University of Birmingham
2University of Sheffield
[266] Effects of gear manufacturing errors on rack and pinion steering meshing

D Marano1, A Piantoni1, L Tabaglio1, M Lucchi1, M Barbieri2 and F Pellicano2
2University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

[267] Condition monitoring of a compressor motor unit: an investigation of abnormal high-pitch noise

A Ghaffar1, A Rahman1, S Mahathir2, S Mohd al-Attas2, S Noroozi3 and M Dupac3
1University of Malaysia Pahang
2Quadrant 2 Technologies
3Bournemouth University

[268] Signal processing applications based on real and complex order derivatives

J Laurila1 and S Lahdelma2
1University of Oulu
2Tirriäisentie, Oulu, Finland
[269] An assessment of the predictive power of different sensor data streams for failure and fault identification in conveyor systems

O F Gebler1, B Hicks1, A Harrison1 and M Barker2
1University of Bristol
2Stirling Dynamics
[270] Acoustic monitoring of subsea blowout preventers using mixtures of hidden Markov models

M Svensén1, D S Hardwick1, H E G Powrie1, G K Nielsen2 and Y Villanger2
1GE Aviation Digital
2Naxys AS
[271] In-situ inspection of composite isolators in 500 kV live overhead transmission lines by computer radiography

H Fujiwara1, A H Shinohara1, E J Silva Jr1, G J V Xavier1, H B D T Lott Neto2, P R R Britto2 and  M A B Fontan2
1UFPE – Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
2STN – Sistema de Transmissão do Nordeste SA
[272] Remote condition monitoring of railway axle bearings based on data fusion from several sensors

E Giannouli1,2, Z Huang1, A Amini1, P Vallely1,3, S Soua2,4, F P G Marquez5 and M  Papaelias1  
1University of Birmingham 
2National Structural Integrity Research Centre
3Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
4TWI Limited, Cambridge
5ETSII, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: TBC
[273] Vibrations of structural elements and their systems with local surface damage

K Vadym, Z Anatoliy and G S Pisarenko
Institute for Problems of Strength of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

[274] In-line water quality monitoring system (IWQMS)

K Abuowda1, A A Issa2, A Hamid Soliman3 and H H Aly3
1Bournemouth University
2Al-Azhar University
3Staffordshire University

[275] An improved blade forced response model for non-intrusive blade vibration monitoring and signal simulation

S Heyns and C Church University of Pretoria

[276] A strategy for the selection of condition monitoring methods and techniques

T-H Pham1, J  Windelberg1, S Ferreiro2 and I  Bravo-Imaz2
1German Aerospace Center (DLR) - Institute of Flight Systems
2Intelligent Information Systems, Spain

[277] Integrated monitoring systems of a-line family

E Sergey
AED Monitoring

[278] Evaluation of reinforced concrete of foundations and concrete towers of 230 kV transmission lines by a high-energy computed radiography system with betatron

A H Shinohara1, J F A G Wavrik1, H Fujiwara1, V S Barros1, P Regis1, H J Khoury1, P I Sá2 and E Garcez2
1UFPE – Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
2CHESF – Companhia Hidrelétrica do São Francisco, Brazil

[279] Integrating remote condition monitoring of railway infrastructure with high-speed inspection

P Vallely1, 2 and M Papaelias1
1University of Birmingham
2Network Rail Infrastructure Limited

[280] Improving damage diagnosis of gearboxes run in non-stationary conditions by novel adaptation of spectral kurtosis and technology parameters

S Kolbe
Cranfield University

[281] Sensor technology development for use in condition monitoring

M Koohgilani1 and K Maynard2
1Bournemouth University
[282] A case study involving image data processing for automated ultrasonic testing tailored to composites inspection

G Fenga, J Suna, A Yung, B Chonga, J Kanfoud and T-H Gan
Brunel University London

[283] How system observability affects fault classification accuracy and implications for sensor selection and placement for condition monitoring

M Lipsett
University of Alberta

[284] Acoustic vibration monitoring

T Murphy
Reliability Team Limited

[285] Case study involving failure of titanium impellers in hydrogen environment

M Dobrotvorskii

[286] Remote condition monitoring of structural integrity of rails and crossings

S Shi1,2, Z Huang1, S Kaewunruen3, P Vallely1, S Soua2,4 and M Papaelias1
1School of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Birmingham

2National Structural Integrity Research Centre, Cambridge
3School of Engineering, University of Birmingham
4TWI Limited, Cambridge
[288] Condition monitoring through the ages

M Koohgilani1 and K Maynard2
1Bournemouth University

[289] An adaptive thresholding segmentation method involving ferrographic image for oil condition monitoring

B Xu1, G Wen1,2, Z Zhang1 and F Chen1
1The Research Institute of Diagnosis and Cybernetics, Xi’an Jiaotong University
2School of Mechanical Engineering, Xinjiang University
[290] Condition monitoring of railway overhead lines: correlation between geometrical parameters and performance parameters

M Carnevale1, A Collina1 and M Palmiotto2
1Dipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano
2Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA

[291] Using ultrasound to solve problems on assets that don’t rotate

T Murphy
Reliability Team Limited

[292] Advantages of scanning methods in NDT

G Por, M Agocs, E Kocso and J Molnar
University of Dunaujvaros

[293] Operational safety assessment research of rail system

Y Qin
Beijing Jiaotong University
[295] An investigation into the effect of boundary conditions on the mechanical characteristics of an energy storing and returning prosthetic foot subjected to non-destructive testing

J Hawkins, S Noroozi, M Dupac and P Sewell
Bournemouth University

[298] Monitoring of injection moulding process of polymers with acoustic emission sensors

T Kek and J Grum
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

[299] Generation of a specific Lamb wave mode for structural health monitoring of plate-like structures

A Sedaghati and F Honarvar
University of Technology, Iran

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