Structured session organisers

13-16 June 2017, ILEC Conference Centre, London, UK 

The keynote speakers of the Congress are:

Prof R Randall,
a worldwide expert on condition monitoring, University of New South Wales, Australia

Prof G Shen,
President of the International Society on Acoustic Emission and President of the Chinese Society for NDT

Prof R Smid,
Chairman of the International Program Committee of MESAQIN, Czech Technical University, Prague.

Mr S Babu

Prof K Balasubramaniam

Prof K Balasubramaniam

Prof L Cheng

Structural health monitoring
Prof S Dos Santos
Advanced signal processing for CM
Prof S Dos Santos
Non-linear signal processing for NDT and CM
Prof S Dos Santos

Advanced vector-valued image, signal and data processing for NDT and CM
Prof D Galar

Prognosis techniques: From physics to data driven approaches
Prof D Galar

eMaintenance: ICT as enabler for CM
Prof T-H Gan

Digital edge of CM
Prof L Gelman

CM of local damage
Prof A Hope

Vibration analysis, diagnostics and prognostics – case studies from all industries
Prof E Hristoforou

Ferrous materials, non-ferrous materials and composites
Prof E Hristoforou

Classical and advanced testing, monitoring and characterisation techniques
Prof E Hristoforou

Classical and advanced processing and treatment techniques
Prof E Hristoforou

Dr E Juuso

Advanced reasoning and diagnosis in CM
Dr R Klein

Mechanical diagnostics and prognostics
Prof V Kostopoulos

Structural health monitoring
Prof V Kostyukov

Prof L Kuravsky

Trained structures and statistical methods in CM
Prof T Lago

CBM approaches and analysis
Prof S Lahdelma/Mr K Karioja

Advanced signal processing in CM
Prof A Lucifredi

Experimental and simulation models for monitoring and diagnostics
Dr N Martin

Signal and image processing, pattern recognition, finite element modelling – CM methods and technologies
Mr K Maynard

IRT working group world congress proposed session programme
Mr S Mills

Certification, education and training for CM
Dr M Papaelias

Remote CM for railways
Prof F Pellicano 

Root cause analysis techniques for CM
Mr I Razuvaev

Applications of the acoustic emission for CM of various structures
Mr D Shorten

Risk based maintenance optimisation using CM
Dr Z Skaf

Prognostics: Case studies
Prof R Smid Software and systems for CM (wireless sensor networks, internet of things/services, instrumentation and smart sensors)
Prof L Swedrowski

Sensors and actuators
Prof P Trampus

Contribution of CM and NDT to asset management
Prof P Trampus

Prof V Vengrinovich

Sensors selection and output data processing fundamentals
Dr L Wang/Prof S Noroozi

CM of tribological systems
Prof M Zuo


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