Welcome to the World Congress

13-16 June 2017, ILEC Conference Centre, London, UK 

Chair’s Message

I am delighted to invite the worldwide condition monitoring (CM) community to the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring. The International Society for Condition Monitoring (ISCM), the world organisation for CM, proposed to create this exciting world-class event, which will bring the global CM community together, and the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) kindly agreed to host the event. I am confident indeed that BINDT, in collaboration with the ISCM and all CM and NDT societies worldwide, will organise the congress to a high international standard. On behalf of the ISCM, I would like to thank BINDT for its kind agreement to be the host of the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring and for its great dedicated efforts in the preparation of the congress. I would also like to thank national CM and NDT societies worldwide for their support of the congress.

I am sure that the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring will be an amazing international proving ground for industrialists, scientists and exhibitors. The congress gives all delegates a unique opportunity to compare and discuss scientific and industrial achievements and CM equipment/techniques with each other and to strengthen their international standing. This is only achievable through the sheer scale of the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring, with the involvement of representatives from almost all countries throughout the world. I am pleased to invite all of you to participate in the congress and together to make the congress a platform for the greatest worldwide successes in CM and related areas. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for taking part in the event. See you in London, the city of dreams!

Professor Len Gelman, Chair of the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring 2017

Welcome Message

As leaders, engineers and scientists, whether in academia or in industry, we understand that engineering makes science useful and that the ability to determine the fitness-for-service of machinery, systems and structures underpins engineering. We know that condition monitoring is vital to keeping our machinery, systems and structures safe and reliable. And what is it that underpins condition monitoring? Well, there’s all the clever hardware and software, but absolutely key is the education and professional development of you: the leaders, engineers and scientists.

It is the need for continued education and professional development of people that helps create the demand for events such as this, the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring. And such a congress could not happen without high-quality papers, presentations and posters covering the excellent and diverse research and development work being undertaken on condition monitoring around the world. So, I invite you to please submit your papers and help make the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring a truly excellent event for all involved. I look forward to seeing you there.

Cameron Sinclair, CEO, BINDT

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