Programme 4-5 September 2017

5-7 September 2017, The International Centre, Telford, UK 

Monday 4 September  
16.00 onwards
RegistrationUpstairs, outside Ironbridge 1
Welcome Buffet – Exhibition Hall 3 Foyer

Tuesday 5 September
08.00 onwards RegistrationUpstairs, outside Ironbridge 1
Opening Ceremony – Ms C Bull and C Sinclair
Room: Ironbridge 3
09.20-10.00 Opening Plenary Paper – Roy Sharpe Prize Lecture: (Even further) beyond the B-scan – ultrasonic arrays for NDT now and in the future
Professor P Wilcox, University of Bristol
Chair: G Ward
Room: Ironbridge 3

Plenary – 'Apprenticeship Update' – the importance of continuing professional development
Mr R Lyon, Project Manager, Apprenticeships, BINDT
Chair: Ms C Bull
Room: Ironbridge 3

Materials Testing Exhibition, Tea and Coffee – Room: Exhibition Hall 3
Engineering Council Registration application helpdesk – taking place on the BINDT stand
  Session 1A – Digital radiography

Chair: N Kourra
Room: Ironbridge 3

Session 1B – Composites

Chair: Mr J Kapp
Room: Wenlock 1

Session 1C – NDT in the wind energy industry

Chair: Dr C Brett
Room: Wenlock 2

11.00[1A1] Digital radiography in NDT – advances and drivers

N Bloomfield
Baker Hughes, GE Company, Inspection Technologies, Lewistown, PA, USA

[1B1] Physical phenomena affecting ultrasonic characterisation of toughened composite laminates

R A Smith, L J Nelson and
M J Mienczakowski
University of Bristol
[1C1] On risk-based inspections for offshore wind farms: a case study

A Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos1,2,
T Dawood2 and P R Thies3
1The University of Edinburgh
2EDF Energy R&D UK
3University of Exeter
11.20[1A2] High-resolution X-ray volumetric inspection of large planar samples using SART-based computed laminography

G Liaptsis1,2, A L Clarke1,
and P Nithiarasu2
1TWI Technology Centre (Wales)
2Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering, College of Engineering, Swansea University

[1B2] NDT on aircraft composite material

O A Obikoya1, S Thomas1,
A G Udu1, I N Akpan1 and
E C Ashigwuike2
1Department of Aircraft Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology
2Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Abuja, Nigeria
[1C2] Combining ultrasound non-destructive testing and bolting methods to improve reliability on bolted flange connections in offshore wind

D Kujawski1, S West2 and
H Van Den Berg1
1Arvick BV, Netherlands
2Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland

11.40[1A3] X-ray computer tomography for in-situ inspection of CMC material under load

E Williams1, J Kern2, G Asfis2,
P I Nicholson1, A Clarke1 and
M Bache3
1TWI Technology Centre (Wales)
2TWI Ltd
3The Institute of Structural Materials, Swansea Univesity
[1B3] Reshaping the testing pyramid: utilisation of data-rich NDT techniques as a means to develop a 'high-fidelity' component and sub-structure testing methodology for composites

D J Bull1, J Dulieu-Barton1,
O T Thomsen1, R Butler2,
A T Rhead2, T Fletcher2,
K D Potter3 and R A Smith3
1University of Southampton
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath
3ACCIS (Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science), University of Bristol
[1C3] Applying step heating thermography to wind turbine rotor blades as a non-destructive testing method

J Fey, C Nieß, M Reimann,
D Schwahlen and
U Handmann
Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences

12.00[1A4] New approach for X-ray weld inspection of pipeline segments

L Schulenburg
VisiConsult X-ray Solutions Americas Corp

[1B4] Numerical and exerimental ultrasonic characterisation of 3D woven fabrics

R B Tayong1, L J Maybury2 and
R A Smith1
1University of Bristol
2University of the West of England, Bristol
[1C4] The application of novel ultrasonic measurement technologies for condition monitoring in wind turbines

P Harper
Tribosonics Ltd


Materials Testing Exhibition, Lunch, Tea and Coffee – Room: Exhibition Hall 3
Engineering Council Registration application helpdesk – taking place on the BINDT stand

Trade AGM and Committee Meeting
– Room: Coalport 1

Session 2A – Digital radiography

Chair: Dr S Burch
Room: Ironbridge 3

Session 2B – Composites

Chair: Dr R Freemantle
Room: Wenlock 1

Session 2C – NDT in the wind energy industry – continued

Chair: Dr C Brett
Room: Wenlock 2

13.50 [2A1] Increased process safety and efficiency through automated defect recognition (ADR) in X-ray inspection

L Schulenburg
VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH
[2B1] Optimisation of X-ray CT acquisition for better characterisation of CFRPs

C Fraij, R Smith and
P Wilcox
University of Bristol

[2C1] 3D image processing – implementation for wind turbine inspection

T Dawood
EDF Energy R&D UK Centre

Presented by
C Canning
IDCORE EngD, EDF Energy R&D UK Centre
14.10[2A2] CT investigations of CFRP for metrology and failure analysis

N Kourra, J M Warnett, A Attridge and M A Williams
University of Warwick
[2B2] Using ultrasonic phase to assess ply wrinkling in CFRP laminates – measurement methods and accuracy assessment

L J Nelson, R A Smith and
M J Mienczakowski
University of Bristol
[2C2] Driving forward wind turbine industrial standards on gearbox materials, maintenance, remaining lifetime assessment and condition monitoring methodologies

V L Jantara Junior1, J Zhou1,
S Roshanmanesh1, F Hayati2,
S Hajiabady1, H Dong1, H Basoalto1,
X Y Li1, F P Garcia Maquez3,
A P Marugan3, V Kappatos4,
L Constantinou5, Z Q Lang6 and
M Papaelias1
1School of Metallurgy and Materials, The University of Birmingham
2School of Engineering,
The University of Birmingham
3ETSII, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
4Technology and Innovation Department, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
5ENGITEC Limited, Limassol, Cyprus
6Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield
14.30[2A3] Solid-state CZT detection technology for NDT imaging applications

T Astill
Redlen Technologies
[2B3] Iterative time-reversal technique for the inspection of composite structures

D Richard1, J Poirier2 and
M Pearson3
1Zetec Canada
2Zetec France
3Zetec UK
[2C3] Development of a technique for inspecting the foundations of offshore wind turbines

C R Brett1, D A Gunn2,
B A J Dashwood2 and
S J Holyoake2
1Uniper Technologies Ltd
2British Geological Survey
Materials Testing Exhibition, Tea and Coffee – Room: Exhibition Hall 3
Engineering Council Registration application helpdesk – taking place on the BINDT stand
16.00[2A4] Ultrasonic radiography for blood clot detection

S Karimian and
S J Moosavi-Fard
Shahid Beheshti University

[2B4] Assessing void defects in composite materials using non-destructive void-distribution analysis

I Gagauz, L Kawashita,
S Hallett and R Smith
University of Bristol

[2C4] Technique development challenges for in-service ultrasonic inspection of wind turbine blades

R Freemantle
Wavelength NDT
16.20 [2A5] Assessment of volumetric defects using local reduction in section thickness as criterion in castings with section thicknesses from 50mm to 250mm using high-energy radiography

J Makovsky
William Cook Cast Products

[2B5] Evaluating the potential of ultrasonic crossed-electrode 2D transducer arrays

J Kirkpatrick1, R Smith1,
P Wilcox1
and D Hallam2
1University of Bristol

[2C5] Feedback and experiences of using aerial drones for wind turbine inspection

T A Dawood, J Pagan and
H Herrmann
EDF Energy R&D UK Centre

Presented by
A Koltsidopoulos Papatzimos
IDCORE EngD, EDF Energy R&D UK Centre

16.40 [2A6] Migrating from traditional to digital radiography in aerospace

L Schulenburg
VisiConsult X-ray Systems
& Solutions GmbH

[2B6] Finite element analysis for ultrasonic inspections of tapered CFRP components

J Dobson1,2, A Tweedie2,
G Harvey3, R O'Leary1 and
A Gachagan1

1University of Strathclyde
2PZFlex, Glasgow
PZFlex, California, USA
[2C6] Remote inspection of wind turbine blades using UAV with photogrammetry payload

D Zhang, K Burnham,
L Mcdonald, C Macleod,
G Dobie, R Summan
and G Pierce
University of Strathclyde
17.00–17.20 [4A5] Diffraction, the underestimated phenomena for the characterisation of indications in the manual ultrasonic technique useful for TOFD and phased array

G Nardoni1, D Nardoni1, P Nardoni1, A Dorise2 and J Danelutti2
1I&T Nardoni
2INSA CVL, France

[2B7] Quantitative structural NDT of composite structures: lessons learned in the aerospace and maritime industries

J Tyrer
Loughborough University
[2C7] Improved inspection of composite wind turbine blades with accessible advanced ultra sonic phased array technology

G Luckett
Advanced NDT – Olympus
Bloodhound is GO!
Tony Parraman, Bloodhound SCC
Chair: D Gilbert
Room: Ironbridge 3

18.30–22.00 Free Evening – No evening function

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