Programme 6 September 2017

5-7 September 2017, The International Centre, Telford, UK 

Wednesday 6 September
08.00 onwards RegistrationUpstairs, outside Ironbridge 1
09.00–09.30 Plenary Paper – State-of-the-art innovative technologies for non-destructive analysis of objects of fine art and cultural and historical heritage
R Maev, The Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research, University of Windsor, Canada
Chair: Ms C Bull
Ironbridge 3
Comfort Break
  Session 3A – NDT of additive manufactured parts

Chair: Mr K Pickup
Room: Ironbridge 3

Session 3B – Ultrasonics

Chair: Dr M Weston
Room: Wenlock 1

Session 3C – Industrial applications

Chair: Dr I Baillie
Room: Wenlock 2

09.40[3A1] Progress in the development of NDT standards for additively manufactured parts

M Hashimi Rosli and
B Dutton
Manufacturing Technology Centre Ltd
[3B1] Full matrix capture inspection of pipeline girth welds

M Weston, M Sutcliffe and
S Avramidis
[3C1] Total focusing method (TFM) for automated pipeline girth weld inspection

R Lallement1, G Dao1,
D Braconnier1
E Carcreff 2
1Advanced OEM Solutions, Cincinnati, USA
2The Phased Array Company, West Chester, USA
10.00[3A2] Using laser ultrasound to detect sub-surface defects in metal parts produced by additive manufacturing

S Everton1,2, P Dickens1,
C Tuck1 and B Dutton2
1University of Nottingham
2The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry

[3B2] Detection and sizing of circular hole flaws in ultrasonic images using wavelet transform and SAFT

R J Liou1, K C Kao1 and
C Y Yeh2
1National Pingtung University, Taiwan
2Yeh's Inspection Co, Ltd, Taiwan
[3C2] The WiSense Technique: passive magnetometry of pipes for detection, inspection and monitoring of corrosion

C N Johnson1, P S Babcock1, B deVuijst2 and C Laddha3
1Draper, USA
2Shell, The Netherlands
3OTM Consulting
 Materials Testing Exhibition, Tea and CoffeeRoom: Exhibition Hall 3
Engineering Council Registration application helpdesk – taking place on the BINDT stand
10.50[3A3] Utilising computed tomography in additive manufacturing

J Luebbehuesen
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies

S Alderton will be presenting
[3B3] Texture determination using elastic waves for HCP and cubic materials

B Lan, T B Britton,
F P E Dunne and M J S Lowe
Imperial College London
[3C3] Solving problems with portable hardness testing

M Tietze
NewSonic GmbH, Reutlingen
11.10[3A4] Additive manufacture within BAE Systems Military & Air

K Pickup
BAE Systems

[3B4] A comparison of different ultrasonic inspection methods for the detection of corrosion at inaccessible locations

P Khalili and P Cawley
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London
[3C4] HotSense®: a high-temperature ultrasonic thickness monitoring platform

D Martin, R S Mills, C Wang,
T I Wines and T J Stevenson
Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd
11.30 [3A5]


Chair: Mr K Pickup

NDT of additive manufactured parts

[3B5] Virtual source aperture with real-time focusing of known geometry through dual-layered media

E Hoyle, M Surcliffe, P Charlton and J Rees
TWI, Wales
[3C5] Optical measurement of residual stress induced by shot peening

J Gryzagoridis1,2 and
D Findeis2
Cape Peninsula University of Technology
2University of Cape Town
11.50 [3B6] Material microstructural characterisation in weakly-scattering materials using an unfocused transducer

Y Song1, J Zhang2, P Hu3 and X Li1
1Central South University, China
2University of Bristol
Wuhan University, China
[3C6] Flexible methodology for NDT of carbon fibre composite structures using robotised systems

Y Khandhia
Applied Computing & Engineering Ltd

BINDT's strategy for serving the NDT, CM and SHM community: a 2017 update
C Sinclair, CEO of BINDT
Room: Ironbridge 3



Materials Testing Exhibition, Lunch, Tea and Coffee – Room: Exhibition Hall 3
Engineering Council Registration application helpdesk – taking place on the BINDT stand

BINDT Annual General Meeting – Room: Ironbridge 3
Followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Room: TBC

Benevolent Fund Annual General Meeting – Room: Ironbridge 3
Followed by Lunch and Exhibition – Room: TBC
President's Honour Lecture: Nuclear safety, more valuable than gold - the role of non-destructive testing
O Price, AWE
Chair: Ms C Bull
Room: Ironbridge 3

14.30–15.00 Plenary Paper – Overview Speaker: Recent advances in NDE at CEA TECH
C Poidevin, CEA Tech, Institut LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Chair: Ms C Bull
Room: Ironbridge 3

Session 4A - Invited international session - Research at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

Chair: Professor K Newton
Room: Ironbridge 3

Session 4B - Phased array

Chair: Mr K Pickup
Room: Wenlock 1

Session 4C - Industrial applications - continued

Chair: TBC
Room: Wenlock 2

15.00[4A1] Real-time ultrasonic imaging for the inspection of complex parts

F Cartier1, S Robert1 and
O Roy2
1CEA Tech, Institut LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
2M2M, Les Ulis France
[4B1] Phased array technology - scan plan methodologies for weld inspection

G Luckett

J Gaine will present
[4C1] Detection of creep degradation using ultrasonic testing

T Zavadil
ATG (Advanced Technology Group) Ltd, Czech Republic
15.20[4A2] Iterative computed tomography reconstruction algorithms for robotised inspection

C Vienne, M Costin, A Stolidi and
H Banjak
CEA Tech, Institut LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

[4B2] Coded excitation for air-coupled ultrasound phased arrays

R Su1, D Lines1,
Y Arnaudov2, L Kang2,
A Jäger3, H Wang3,
S Nishal Ramadas4,
M Kupnik3 and S Dixon2
1Diagnostic Sonar Limited
2University of Warwick
3Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

[4C2] Assessment of pipeline corrosion using capacitive sensing

M Morozov1, G Dobie1,
A Gachagan1, B J Brown2 and J Stander2
1University of Strathclyde
2TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd, Aberdeen
Materials Testing Exhibition, Tea and Coffee – Room: Exhibition Hall 3
Engineering Council Registration application helpdesk – taking place on the BINDT stand
16.15[4A3] Guided waves for structural health monitoring

B Chapuis, O Mesnil and
T Druet
CEA Tech, Institut LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
[4B3] Automated testing and defect classification in phased array inspection of aluminium plates

I Buchmeier-Hevron, M Bron and
A E Miltreyger
ScanMaster Systems (IRT) Ltd

S Saitowiz will present
[4C3] Development by the HOIS JIP of guidance for UAV/UAS-based remote visual inspection of oil & gas facilities

S F Burch
ESR Technology
16.35 [4A4] Industrial application of flexible array probes

D Roue1, S Bey1,
F Lasserre2, O Roy3 and
P H Dumas4
1CEA Tech, Institut LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
2AREVA NP, La Defense, France
3M2M, Les Ulis, France
4Imasonic, Besancon, France
[4B4] Characterisation of fatigue cracking using ultrasonic arrays

C Peng1,2, J Zhang2, L Bai2 and
B Drinkwater2
1Southwest Jiaotong University
2University of Bristol

[4C4] Successful detection of CUI via electrical impedance spectroscopy on an industrial scale

G Diamond, P Gugutkov, S Bozikis, K Kyeyune and P Kubasiak
Inspection Technologies Limited
16.55 [4A6]


To identify opportunities for closer collaboration between CEA and the UK R&D and industrial NDT communities.
[4B5] Ultrasonic array imaging of defects in polymer pipes

J S Egerton1, M J S Lowe1, J Jian2 and P Huthwaite1
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London
2Nuclear Generation Ltd, Barnwood
[4C5] Non-destructive technique for creep prediction in historic masonry structures

S Karimian1, S Garrity1, D Yang1 and V Toropov2
1University of Leeds
1Queen Mary University of London
17.15–17.35 [4B6] Overview of the ultrasonic array inspection technology development work between Bristol University and BAE Systems

J Zhang1, T Barber1,2,
A Nixon1,2, R Turner2,
N Budyn1, R Bevan1,
A Croxford1 and P Wilcox1
1University of Bristol
2NDE Technology Devlopment, BAE Systems Submarines
[4C6] Blind trial validation of a guided wave structural health monitoring system for pipework

S Heinlein1, P Cawley1,
T Vogt2 and S Burch3
1Imperial College London
2Guided Ultrasonics Ltd
3ESR Technology Ltd


[4B7] Quantitative mapping of peak signal through curved forgings using ultrasonic arrays

R Hutton Brown1,
S G Pierce1 and I Collison2
University of Strathclyde
2Rolls-Royce, Derby
[4C7] Pressurised water reactor bottom mounted instrumentation (BMI) - repair and inspection at Gravelines 1

C Paillaries, A Jeanblanc,
M Bolander and K Quirk
Westinghouse Electric Company and WesDyne


for 20.00
Pre-dinner drinks – Room: TBC

Seated for conference dinner for welcome from Ms C Bull

Conference Dinner – Room: TBC

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