Programme 7 September 2017

5-7 September 2017, The International Centre, Telford, UK 

Thursday 7 September
08.00 onwards RegistrationRoom: TBC
09.00–09.30 Plenary Paper – The Mid-Hants Railway's Canadian Pacific project – NDT experience and future requirements
B Peacock and A Netherwood
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC

Plenary Paper – A car for women and other stories – the story of Dorothée Pullinger, pioneer motor engineer of the 1920s
K J Kirk1, A Grace1, K Kosmala1, E Viza1, N Baker1and N Johnson-Symington2
1University of the West of Scotland
2Riverside Museum, Glasgow
Chair: TBC
Room: TBC
  Session 5A – Digital signal processing and modelling

Chair: Dr R Chapman
Room: TBC

Session 5B – Quality and reliability in NDT

Chair: Mr D J Gilbert
Room: TBC

Session 5C – Novel applications

Chair: Mr K Pickup
Room: TBC

[5A1] Investigation into the sound field reproduction systems: compensation factors and performance improvement techniques

A Montazeri1, S Karimian2 and
N Karimian3
1Lancaster University
2University of Oxford
3Faculty of Engineering – University of Tehran
[5B1] A proposal to enhance the importance of reliability in the application of NDE and SHM

D J Gilbert1 and B McGrath2
2Amec Foster Wheeler
[5C1] Guided waves for structural health monitoring

O Mesnil, B Chapuis and
T Druet
CEA Tech, Institut LIST, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
10.20 [5A2] A method for signal reconstruction in the moving mode of eddy current thermography

J Wei, L Zhang, W Zheng and M He
China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
[5B2] Inter-laboratory proficiency testing of NDT labs according to ISO 17043 as a tool for the continuous improvement principle according to ISO 9001

T Zavadil
ATG Ltd, Czech Republic 
[5C2] Simulation modelling for the development of condition monitoring techniques on nuclear plant

J Taggart, J Skelton and R Pritchard

10.40 [5A3] Use of psychoacoustics models as non-destructive means for active noise control systems

A Montazeri1, S Karimian2 and
N Karimian3
1Lancaster University
2Faculty of Engineering – University of Tehran
3University of Manchester
[5B3] Mixed-light inspection

G Walker
Inspection Technologies Limited
[5C3] Dynamic inspection and maintenance scheduling of critical railway infrastructure components using advanced structural health monitoring techniques

Z Huang1, P Vallely1,2,
E Hakan Gunel3, S Shi1,4,
E Giannouli1,4, A Amini1,
F Nieves Bogonez1, F Pedro Garcia Marquez5, S  Kaewunruen6
and M Papaelias1
1School of Metallurgy and Materials, The University of Birmingham
2Network Rail,
3DATEM TCDD, Ankara, Turkey
4National Structural Integrity Research Centre, Cambridge
5ETSII, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain
6School of Engineering, The University of Birmingham
11.00 [5A4] Validation of the simulation software CIVA UT in separated transmit/receive configurations

F Foucher1, S Lonne1,
G Toullelan2 and S Mahaut2
1Extende, France
2CEA LIST, France
[5B4] NDT techniques used in materials and welds to check material behaviour and flaw detection

R Baskar
BIT Inspection Technology Pvt Ltd
[5C4] Utilising computed tomography as an NDT technique in additive manufacturing

J Luebbehuesen
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH

 Materials Testing Exhibition, Tea and Coffee – Room: Exhibition Hall 3

Session 6A – Electromagnetics

Chair: Dr W Gardner
Room: TBC

Session 6B – Ultrasonics

Chair: Dr R Chapman
Room: TBC

Session 6C – Novel applications

Chair: Professor K Kirk
Room: TBC
11.50[6A1] EM sensor system for characterisation of AHSS steels

M Aghadavoudi, L Zhou and C Davis
Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick
[6B1] Application of laser ultrasonic technique for non-contact detection of high-temperature metal surface imperfections

R Guo, H Wang and J Zhang
College of Automation Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
[6C1] Acoustic emission for structural health monitoring using bulk acoustic and thin-film transducers

K J Kirk, J P Hood, D Hutson,
R S Dwyer-Joyce and J Zhang
University of the West of Scotland
12.10[6A2] Factors that influence the bandwidth of magnetic flux leakage

N R Pearson, M A Boat and
J S D Mason
Eddyfi Technologies

[6B2] Surface defect characterisation by non-contact miniaturised ultrasonic scanning system

O Trushkevych and
R S Edwards
University of Warwick

[6C2] Assessment of corrosion under insulation and engineered temporary wraps using pulsed eddy current techniques

M Morozov1, G Dobie1,
A Gachagan1, B J Brown2 and
M Dixon2
1University of Strathclyde
2TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd, Aberdeen, UK
12.30[6A3] Surface crack detection in dressed steel welds using advanced quantum well Hall-effect sensors

J M Watson, C Liang,
E Ahmad, J Sexton and
M Missous
University of Manchester
[6B3] Real-time ultrasonic imaging for the inspection of complex parts

F Cartier1, S Robert1 and
O Roy2
1CEA LIST, France
2M2M, France
[6C3] Smart shopping basket for NDT of food

S Karimian and
A M Ketabchi
Shahid Beheshti University 
12.50 [6A4] Non-destructive detection of metallic objects under AC magnetic field illumination using quantum well Hall-effect sensors

E Ahmad, C W Liang and
M Missous
University of Manchester
[6B4] Improvements on flexible phased array technology done for a first kind of industrial application

D Roué1, F Lasserre2,
S Bey1, P Dumas3 and
O Roy4
1CEA-LIST, France
2AREVA NP, France
4M2M, France

[6C4] Selective recovery of metallic scraps using electromagnetic tensor spectroscopy

N Karimian, M O'Toole and
A Peyton
University of Manchester
13.10–13.30 [6A5] A quantum well Hall-effect 2D hand-held magnetovision system for ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials

C W Liang, E Ahmad,
J M Watson, F A Biruu,
J Sexton and M Missous
University of Manchester


[6C5] 2D magnetic field sensing around defects in ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials using 2DEG quantum well Hall-effect sensor arrays
F A Biruu, E Balaban,
C-W Liang and M Missous
University of Manchester



Conference Close and Prize Award Ceremony – Room: TBC

Materials Testing Exhibition, Lunch, Tea and Coffee – Room: Exhibition Hall 3

Exhibition closes

Tuition sessions for practitioners will be held within the Materials Testing Exhibition.

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