Strain Gauge Testing (ST)

Non-destructive testing  

Covering the period: 10.01.2017 to 10.02.2017

  • N 185 WD ISO/TS 21432 Non-destructive testing – Standard test method for determining residual stresses by neutron diffraction
    Working draft

    Neutron diffraction is a non-destructive method that can be employed for determining residual stresses in crystalline materials. It can also be used for establishing applied stresses. The procedure can be employed for determining stresses in the interior of materials and adjacent to surfaces. It requires specimens or engineering components to be transported to a neutron source. Measurements of elastic strain are obtained. Elastic strains are derived from the measurements, which in turn are then converted into stresses. The purpose of this document is to provide the technical specification for reliably determining stresses that are relevant to engineering applications.

 BS, EN and BS EN
General provisions
BS 6955-12:1994 Calibration of vibration and shock pick-ups. Method of test for transverse shock sensitivity 
ISO 5347-12:1993 Methods for the calibration of vibration and shock pick-ups – Part 12: Testing of transverse shock sensitivity