Insight Vol 59 No 6

June 2017 – Vol 59 No 6 

Comment, by Dr R Chapman

New CERN particle accelerator could have applications in the conservation of artworks; Refinery inspection supported by hired instruments; Sonaspection International launches NDT training school at USA facility

SPECIAL FEATURE: Steel, Concrete and Pipe Inspection

Development of methodology for the inspection of welds in lined pipes using array ultrasonic techniques,
by R Baiotto, C Nageswaran and T Clarke

Study of an acoustic field simulation of a temperature field excited by ultrasonic waves through a concrete specimen,
by Tang Lei, Li Hong, Jia Yu and Guo Ling

Non-destructive characterisation of laser hardened steels. Part 2: Metallography 
and residual stresses,
by M Ruch, G Cosarinsky, M Kopp, M Rabung, D Vega, M Amiri and J Fava

An improved approach to evaluating pile length using complex continuous wavelet transform analysis,
by Sheng-Huoo Ni, Ji-Lung Li, Yu-Zhang Yang and Zih-Tong Yang

A new magnetic testing technology based on magnetic gradient tensor theory,
by Qiang Song, Weixia Ding, He Peng, Jian Shuai and Bo Wang

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