This month's Insight

November 2017 – Vol 59 No 12 

Comment, by Mr R Lyon


Thermal imaging cameras measure temperature profile of new air compressor; Yxlon CT User Conference as international as ever

SPECIAL FEATURE: Diagnostic Technologies

Ultrasonic evaluation of the combined effect of corrosion and overheating in grade 20 steel water-wall boiler tubes,
by S Kapayeva, M J Bergander, A Vakhguelt and S I Khairaliyev

A new fault diagnosis model for rotary machines based on MWPE and ELM,
by Guoqian Jiang, Ping Xie , Shuo Du, Yuangeng Guo and Qun He

Application of an acoustic emission quantitative method to evaluate oil tank bottom corrosion based on corrosion risk pace,
by F Qiu, G Dai and Y Zhang

Adoption of MEMS technology in e-maintenance systems for rotating machinery,
by S H Teay and A Albarbar

Pump cavitation detection through fusion of support vector machine classifier data associated with vibration and motor current signature,
by M S Safizadeh and B Yari


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