This month's Insight

June 2018 – Vol 60 No 6 

Comment, by Dr W E Gardner 


University of Manchester offers Nikon Metrology CT facility for 
industrial inspection and academic research; EPSRC announces £20 million 
investment in NMR equipment

SPECIAL FEATURE: Inspection of Metals

Fracture life estimation of Al-1050 thin beams using empirical data and a 
numerical approach,

by M A Khan, K A Khan, S Z Khan, S Nisar and A Starr

Characterisation of the piezomagnetic response to low-cycle fatigue of 
ferromagnetic steels,

by Sheng Bao, Yibin Gu and Shengnan Hu

LDC1000 converter for NDT material diagnostics and characterisation,
by Z H Żurek and D Kukla

Experimental study on the relationship between the strain and metal magnetic 
memory field of steel beams,
by Sanqing Su, Shuchun Yi, Wei Wang, Xuran Zhao, Haojiang Sun and 
Guangchao Ren

Mini-Feature: Ultrasonics

Virtual source aperture imaging for the detection and sizing of vertically 
aligned flaws in non-destructive testing,

by E Hoyle, M Sutcliffe, P Charlton, J Rees and M Weston

Validation of discontinuity sizing techniques in manual ultrasonic examination,

by G Zappavigna

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