This month's Insight

March 2018 – Vol 60 No 3 

Comment, by Mr J Hansen

Computed tomography analyses damage to raw materials under load

SPECIAL FEATURE: Composites Inspection

Sweep frequency microwave NDT for subsurface defect detection in GFRP,
by Hong Zhang, Luxiong Xu, Ruikun Wu and A Simm

Automated analysis of acoustic emission signals based on the ISODATA algorithm,
by N Angelopoulos and M Papaelias

Structural health monitoring of composite pressure vessels using guided ultrasonic waves,
by Y Lugovtsova and J Prager

Implementing an online bond quality inspection system for cold roll bonded Al/Al-Sn/Al/steel strips using guided wave EMATs,
by P J Tallafuss, A Rosochowski, S Campbell and X Minguez

Non-linear ultrasonic investigation of interface debonding of steel-concrete composites,
by Jun Chen, Can Huang, Chenglong Yang, Tingyuan Yin and Quanquan Guo

Influence of sensitivity direction and lift-off on weld macro defects by magnetic memory testing,
by B Hu and R Yu


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