This month's Insight

April 2017 – Vol 59 No 4 

Comment, by Dr C Brett

From local to cloud-based condition monitoring

Review and analysis of three representative electromagnetic NDT methods,
by Shiwei Liu, Yanhua Sun, Min Gu, Changde Liu, Lingsong He and Yihua Kang

Evaluation of the effect of speed and defect size on high-frequency acoustic emission and vibration 
condition monitoring of railway axle bearings,
by A Amini, Z Huang, M Entezami and M Papaelias

Improving the reliability of industrial multi-MW wind turbines,
by J Zhou, S Roshanmanesh, F Hayati, V Jantara Junior, T Wang, S Hajiabady, X Y Li, H Basoalto, H Dong and M Papaelias

Lamb wave mode and frequency selection for assessment of creep damage in titanium alloy plates,
by Yanxun Xiang, Congyun Ma, Mingxi Deng, Fu-Zhen Xuan and Jianfeng Zhang

Online tool wear condition monitoring using binocular vision,
by Aibin Zhu, Dayong He, Jianwei Zhao and Hongling Wu

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