This month's Insight

May 2018 – Vol 60 No 5 

Comment, by Professor R Smith

Composite material studies at TU Dortmund University using Deben X-ray tomography tensile stage

OBITUARY: Dr Baldev Raj

INSTITUTE NEWS: Tax, legal and counselling helpline for members of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing

SPECIAL FEATURE: Optical and Thermal Methods

Influence of the external magnetic field on crack detection in pulsed eddy current thermography,
by Bo Tang, Dexin Hou, Tingting Hong and Shuliang Ye

Optical measurement of residual stress induced by shot peening,
by J Gryzagoridis and D Findeis

Thermal wave imaging for non-destructive testing and evaluation of reinforced concrete structures,
by G Dua and R Mulaveesala

The online measurement of appearance quality for stainless steel plates based
on grating projections,
by Zhenqi Liu, Yong Jin, Jing Wu and Lizhou Dong

Intelligent diagnosis of flip chip solder bumps using high-frequency ultrasound
and a naive Bayes classifier,
by Lei Su, Guanglan Liao, Tielin Shi and Yichun Zhang

An image recognition method for gear fault diagnosis in the manufacturing
line of short filament fibres,
by Shoufeng Jin, Di Fan, Reza Malekian, Zhihe Duan and Zhixiong Li


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