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October 2017 – Vol 59 No10 

Comment, by Dr C Lane


Construction Skills Certification Scheme accepts 
PCN certification

Dr D Lovejoy

MINI-FEATURE: Radiographic and Radiometric Methods

RADIOMETRIC TESTING: Non-destructive evaluation of ultrasonic under-sodium scanner (USUSS) shield plug of prototype fast breeder reactor by gamma radiometry,
by S Viswanathan, S Chandrasekaran, R Mathiyarasu, M T Jose and B Venkatraman

RADIOGRAPHY: Detection of thin structure defects in radiographic images using an improved Gabor filter,
by HongMei Zhang, HuiE Zhang, HuiPing Yin, JunFeng Wu and ShuangSheng Gao


INTELLIGENT COMPOSITES: Internal damage detection of three-dimensional four-step six-directional braided composites
based on carbon nanotube thread sensor,
by Z Wan, Z Zhang, M Jia, W Bao and Q Dong

SHM: ANN-based tensile force estimation for pre-stressed tendons of PSC girders using FBG/EM hybrid sensing,
by Junkyeong Kim, Jaemin Kim, Kyung-Joon Shin, Hwanwoo Lee and Seunghee Park

CFRP INSPECTION: Subsurface detail fusion for anomaly detection in non-stationary thermal wave imaging,
by B Suresh, Sk Subhani, V S Ghali and R Mulaveesala

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