This month's Insight

February 2019 – Vol 61 No 2 

Comment, Dr I Baillie

A sensor system that learns to ‘hear’: reliable detection of failures 
in machines and systems

SPECIAL FEATURE: Magnetic methods

Eddy current-induced thermoacoustic signal for material plastic deformation evaluation,

by Aixin Deng, Aijun Yin, Yanli Gou, Bo Zhang and Jian Wang

Novel algorithm for compression of magnetic flux leakage signal data obtained 
from wire ropes,

by Wang Hong-yao, Tian Jie, Lv Xin, Li Xiao-wei, Meng Guo-ying, Sven Bilen and Xinli Wu

Effects of relative motion on a Rayleigh wave electromagnetic acoustic transducer operating on aluminium,

by O Rees-Lloyd, P Charlton, S Mosey and R Lewis

Quantitative identification of microcracks through magnetic flux leakage testing 
based on improved back-propagation neural network,

by Zhongchao Qiu, Ruilei Zhang, Weimin Zhang and Lixin Li

Application of a back-propagation neural network for mechanical properties 
prediction of ferromagnetic materials by magnetic Barkhausen noise technique,

by Yanyan Zhang, Wenbo Liu, Kaiyu Li, Ping Wang, Cheng Hang, Yang Chen, 
Xiao Han and Wenjuan Gao

Correlation between residual magnetic field and tensile stress considering loading history in U75V rail steel,

by Meili Fu, Sheng Bao and Zhengye Zhao

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