This month's Insight

September 2018 – Vol 60 No 9 

Comment, by Professor I Cooper 

Aerospace bearings: MEGCAP research and technology project

SPECIAL FEATURE: Air and Rail Transport

A decision support model for the composite repair process in a collaborative 

by S Thyagarajan and V Gollnick

Mutual interference effect of a rosette eddy current array sensor for 
quantitative crack monitoring in metallic structures,
by Peiyuan Li, Li Cheng, Yuting He, Jinqiang Du, Shengbo Jiao and Junyu Gao

Characterisation of cylindrical hidden corrosion using 2D analytical 
modelling of the surface magnetic field,
by Feng Jiang, Shulin Liu and Hongli Zhang

Channel consistency calibration of planar eddy current sensor arrays,
by Lihui Liu, Mengchun Pan, Wugang Tian, Dixiang Chen and Yuan Ren

Parameter optimisation of the pulsed eddy current probe for the detection 
of defects around the rivet in multi-layer structures,
by Hongjun Xiang and Bin Lei

Study on crack features in images of fluorescent magnetic particle inspection 
for railway wheelsets,
by Tao Ma, Zhenguo Sun and Qiang Chen


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