This month's Insight

April 2018 – Vol 60 No 4 

Comment, by Dr C Lane

Nikon Metrology checks power semiconductor devices in production line


Index-based triangulation method for efficient generation of large three-dimensional ultrasonic C-scans,
by C Mineo, J Riise, R Summan, C N MacLeod and S G Pierce

A simultaneous non-destructive characterisation method for grain size and single-crystal elastic constants of cubic polycrystals from ultrasonic measurements,
by Gaofeng Sha

Automatic classification of welding defects from ultrasonic signals using an SVM-based RBF neural network approach,
by Yuan Chen, Hong-Wei Ma and Ming Dong

Thickness determination of dual-layer coatings based on ultrasonic spectral filtering,
by Z Y Ma, W Zhang, Z B Luo, L Lin and S Krishnaswamy

Guided wave sensor for simple digital communication through an oil industry multi-wire cable,
by G Trane, R Mijarez, R Guevara and A Baltazar

Crack detection using serrated columnar phased array transducers,
by Cheng Zou, Zhenguo Sun, Dong Cai, Wenzeng Zhang and Qiang Chen


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