Industrial Radiography


Industrial Radiography
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
2009. 221 pp. 210 x 150 mm. Soft cover.
The first issue of 'Industrial Radiography' was published by Agfa in the sixties for educational and promotional purposes. Some improved editions have been released since, providing information on the latest image forming radiographic techiques. In 2007, a new edition in the English language was published by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies. Apart from the developments in conventional radiography, primarily regarding X-ray equipment and films, the 2007 issue describes the now mature methods of digital radiography using radiation-sensitive plate and panel detectors, including digitisation of traditional film. Several other computer-assisted methods such as the CT techniques are also included, as well as a separate chapter describing a variety of applications. In this latest 2008 edition, the chapters on digital radiography and special techniques, such as microfocus and X-ray microscopy, are considerably extended. In addition, the impact and (non)-existence of norms, codes and standards on new NDT technologies and their applications are addressed.

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