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Badentoy Road, Badentoy Industrial Estate, Portlethen, Aberdeen AB12 4YA
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  • i - Infrared Thermography
  • o2 - Alignment Systems
  • z - Other methods: Wireless Structural Monitoring
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  • ISO 9001:2015

Headquartered in Aberdeen and established over 35 years ago, Inspectahire has grown to become a diversified and highly flexible NDT inspection and testing business. As one of the most long-established visual inspection equipment hirers in the UK, it also delivers product sales, services and training across a wide range of NDT and complementary inspection technologies.

Inspectahire hires out borescopes, fibrescopes, videoprobes and cameras to suit a wide variety of applications, plus a range of pipe, tank, borehole and void space camera survey systems. Many of the systems are explosion-proof, including the latest IPEK systems. Inspectahire's teams also deploy with thermographic and optical gas imaging cameras, laser scanning systems and pipe metrology equipment.

Inspectahire can provide services across the UK and globally in a number of disciplines, including UT, IRIS, PEC, PMI and MFL.

For underwater inspections, Inspectahire provides a range of cameras, ROVs, sonar and inshore dive inspections from its own rigid inflatable boat (RIB).

For aerial inspections, Inspectahire provides a range of UAVs with optical gas imaging and thermography, as well as high-definition video inspection and collision-tolerant drones for internal confined space work. 

Inspectahire's staff include qualified weld inspectors, visual inspectors, EMMUA tank inspectors, CAA-approved UAV pilots and HSE Scuba-qualified divers.

Inspectahire is an authorised distributor, aftermarket and training provider for FLIR thermal imaging cameras, including those for optical gas imaging.

The company also supplies, hires and installs a range of wireless structural monitoring solutions from Senceive.

Inspectahire develops inspection solutions, such as pipeline tractors capable of carrying various devices around even 1.5 D radius bends and developed the first UAV in the world with high-end visual gas detection capabilities.

Distributor for: Teledyne FLIR, Senceive, Maxwell NDT, Flyability, SkyEye, VideRay, iPek, Micorp, Pearpoint and ionix.

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