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  • UKAS Accredited Laboratory
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Evolution Group is a leading multi-national fastener manufacturer with operations based in three continents serving customers around the world.

Our mission and our cause is to empower our customers and partners with knowledge in all aspects of their products and systems connections, as well as giving our clients and partners confidence that their connections will not only be safe but also repeatable.

We strive to achieve this through establishing ourselves as a Centre of Technical Excellence. We have brought together a multi-disciplinary team of enterprising, ingenious and accomplished Engineers and Technicians who ensure that all aspects of an application can be explored and satisfied. This is backed up and underpinned by its purpose-built UKAS-accredited testing laboratory.

The end result of this process is that we produce industry-leading fastening solutions, consistently best in class and at the forefront of research and development.

Over the span of two decades, we have established ourselves in the field and have provided more than 1,300 custom Engineered solutions to our clients in the last year: amounting to more than 2.25 billion individual fasteners being used. In this time, we have also provided more than 50 specification partners (such as OEMs, ODMs, etc) with bespoke testing packages. Our Engineered solutions ensure that customers have fully backed-up, traceable and warranted fixing solutions. Testing packages ensure that our customers' Engineering solutions are underpinned by actual empirical testing. Evolution works tirelessly to remove our customers' barriers to trade as we will provide most testing for specifications on a gratis basis; this means that our customers do not bear the cost of expensive testing services elsewhere.

The ultimate culmination of our efforts is in the long-standing and strong partnerships we enjoy with our technical partners in the industry. At Evolution, we are happy to support any current or prospective partners who are also striving for technical excellence.

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