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FLIR Systems is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal imaging cameras for industrial use.

Typical applications include electrical inspection and plant condition monitoring in all process and manufacturing industries.

The FLIR range of hand-held thermal imaging cameras offers highly-accurate temperature measurement, digital image storage, comprehensive thermal analysis, either in the camera or on a PC, and full local service and support.

Also available is the FLIR 'A' series camera, ideally suited to automation, process control, machine vision, health and security applications.

A new range of highly-sensitive (<20 mK) cameras is available with variable frame rates and both large and medium format arrays.

FLIR Systems also offers certified training courses to ensure users obtain the best results from their systems.

Also available is a full range of cameras using VisGAs and InSb detectors, allowing inspection and testing across the entire infrared spectrum, from near infrared (900-1700 nanometers) through the medium wave (1.5-5.0 microns) and the long wave (7-14 microns). Applications include flash and pulse thermography and cameras with a variety of filters enable spectral performance to be measured.


BSI registered.

FLIR Systems is an Approved Training Organisation offering PCN level certification for thermography.

Level 1 and 2 certified thermography courses are run in the UK at a centrally-located training facility. Level 1 courses can also be carried out in house.

FLIR Systems now offers certified training to Levels I, II and III at its dedicated ITC (Infrared Training Centre) facilities in Stockholm, Sweden, and Boston, USA. Training is offered on all aspects of infrared thermography.

FLIR Systems also runs a regular series of courses providing an introduction to thermal imaging for those new to the subject or those responsible for managing thermographers.

Other courses available include: thermal imaging of building fabric; foundations of thermal imaging (one day); and thermal imaging for R&D.

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