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Gilligan Engineering is a leading supplier of industrial sources and gamma radiography equipment in the UK, with an unrivalled wealth of experience and qualifications to support all aspects of your gamma radiography needs:

  • Sources
    High specific activity Ir-192, Se-75, Yb-169 and Co-60. Supported by several suppliers worldwide to ensure a reliable supply.
  • Radiography systems
    The SPS Viking breaks new ground in safety and flexibility. It is a gamma radiography system that reinforces the exceptionally high quality and safety standards pioneered by Gilligan Engineering's customers. Constructed solely from tungsten and stainless steel, it is unique in being able to operate as a projection or close proximity system with Ir-192, Se-75 or Yb-169. The system contains no depleted uranium. It is available in three sizes and comes with a range of accessories, including pipe clamps, tripod and automatic windout, maximising ease-of-use and safety. Gilligan Engineering's radiography systems are also available for hire.
  • Radiation monitors and alarms and bay safety systems
    Monitors and alarms from leading suppliers and bay safety system design and installation service.
  • Repair and maintenance of gamma radiography equipment
    Gilligan Engineering's service engineers are available for on-site or in-house repairs and maintenance with certification provided.
  • Calibration
    Calibration of radiation monitors traceable to national standards.
  • Wipe testing
    Leak testing of sealed sources.
  • Design
    In-house electronic and mechanical engineering design resource for bespoke systems or to adapt new or existing equipment to meet your requirements.
  • Disposal
    Advice and disposal service for depleted uranium and industrial sources.
  • Radiological protection advice and training
    Advice and support on all aspects of radiation safety and the various regulatory regimes. Gilligan Engineering offers training courses on all aspects of radiological protection, for example RPS and emergency source retrieval. These can be tailored as required and are available in house or on site.

For more information, call for a brochure or visit the Gilligan Engineering website.

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