Shawcor Inspection Systems, a division of ShawCor UK Ltd

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  • R - Radiography General
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  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Shawcor Inspection Systems – the new name for digital X-ray inspection
Shaw Inspection Systems is the leading supplier of custom digital X-ray solutions for industry. Shaw supplies a full range of equipment, from complete turnkey solutions to the integration of digital systems into existing plant.

Shaw Inspection Systems brings 20 years of experience as X-Tek Industrial and OIS Engineering to the ShawCor Group. ShawCor is a $1.1 billion annual revenue corporation with 5200 employees and over 60 manufacturing and services facilities worldwide.

From low energy (<20 keV) to high energy (>20 MeV) and from the smallest (microns) to the largest (metres) components, Shaw Inspection Systems can provide innovative solutions for the demanding performance requirements of both R&D and production environments.

With its in-house mechanical, electrical and electronic design, advanced software and dedicated project management teams for assembly, test and commissioning, Shaw is the one-stop supplier for complete, integrated X-ray inspection systems.

Shaw specialises in the design and implementation of custom inspection solutions to fit your production management and database systems, to improve inspection throughputs, to guarantee inspection quality controls and to deliver results to your customers, fast.

Markets: Aerospace; art & archaeology; automotive; materials; military; natural sciences; nuclear; petrochemical; pharmaceutical & medical; power; and security.

Techniques: Real-time imaging; film replacement; digital radiography; computed tomography; computed radiography; film digitisation; and reverse engineering.

Solutions: Software; X-ray systems; manipulators; X-ray detectors; and radiation enclosures.

Services: Inspection; design; training; maintenance; calibration; and certification.

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