Concrete & Corrosion Consultancy Practice Ltd

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Michael Nugent, Managing Director
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  • C - Coating Thickness Measurement
  • E - Electromagnetic General
  • E1 - Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • E2 - Magnetic Flux Leakage methods
  • E3 - Eddy Current Testing
  • E5 - Potential Drop Flaw Detection and Sizing
  • LE - Leak Testing
  • LP - Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • O - Optical Methods General
  • O1 - Visual Inspection
  • O4 - Thermography
  • R - Radiography General
  • R1 - Radioscopy
  • S - Stress Measurement
  • U - Ultrasonic General
  • U1 - Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Sizing
  • U2 - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

The Concrete & Corrosion Consultancy Practice Ltd is a specialist inspection, testing and reporting consulting engineering practice.
The company is totally independent and offers a comprehensive range of testing for all types of buildings and structures. Operating in the UK and Europe-wide, it offers roped access and netting access, as well as fully-equipped marine structures survey RIB.
Electronic roof leak detection and full cladding defect surveys are available for high- and low-rise buildings. Principal bridge inspections are also offered. The company has the in-house capability to offer the most comprehensive service available from a single source.

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