Aerospace Awards

Institute Awards 

The Institute presents the following Aerospace award:
Aerospace Award

The Aerospace Award recognises significant contributions to the NDT community within the aerospace sector.

Details of award: Certificate and free entry to the Aerospace Event of that year, where the award will be presented (for groups, only one person will gain free entry).
Eligibility: Nominees can be individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to the NDT community either through R&D, technology innovation development or transfer, by developing strategies leading to new technology development and exploitation, by contribution to standards or by facilitating significant change within the aerospace sector. Nominations can relate to a specific technological innovation or for contributions to a number of innovations over their career, including those providing significant contributions in a support role. 

Nomination arrangements: Nominations will come from the Aerospace Committee (nominations may also be submitted by any other BINDT Committee). The NDT Technical Committee (NDTTC) will also be invited to submit nominations. 
arrangements: The award will be made at the Aerospace Event by the Chair of the Aerospace Committee. The winner will also be asked to issue a plenary-style short paper on the content of the award.
Committee responsible: Aerospace Committee.

The Aerospace Award was not awarded in 2018.

A nomination form can be downloaded here.

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