The Len Gelman Award

CM Award, Events Award 

The Len Gelman Award is for the best paper in the Proceedings of the CM Annual Conference by a student or person in the early stages (first five years) of their career.

The Len Gelman Award was not awarded in 2020.

Past winners:
2008    D Clifton
2009    P McGetrick
2010    S L Chen
2011    Dr R Jones
2012    M Palo
2013    O Cardona-Morales
2014    G Cablea
2015    G Song
2016    M A A Ismail / S Kolbe
2017    Mr V Jantara Junior
2018    Yuandong Xu, Fengshou Gu, Andrew D Ball and Jingzhou Fei
2019    K Kalista, J Liska, J Jakl and V Vasicek

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