Personal Contribution Award

Open Award, Membership Award 

The Personal Contribution Award recognises a valuable and extensive personal contribution to the British Institute of NDT and the wider 
NDT/CM community. The award acknowledges individuals who have been active members of the Institute for an extensive period of time, during which they have contributed to and influenced the wellbeing of the Institute.

2017 winner: Roger Lyon

The Personal Contribution Award for 2017 is awarded to Roger Lyon, for his outstanding work over the past three years in the development and adoption of the BINDT NDT apprenticeship scheme, now incorporated into the government’s ‘Trailblazer’ apprenticeships programme. The award acknowledges his lifelong commitment to the development of a structured academic roadmap aligned to the NDT Trailblazer scheme that aspiring young NDT trainees, students and technicians can embark upon, leading to technical and professional qualifications associated with a defined professional career path within NDT and CM.

Roger’s enthusiasm and commitment to the future of NDT through his tireless work and promotion of the apprenticeship scheme is inspiring. Prior to his retirement from RWE in 2009, he had been instrumental in developing the original BINDT apprenticeship scheme, on which the above government NDT Trailblazer scheme is based. Initially taking on two apprentices as part of a pilot scheme in 2003 and under Roger’s direction, RWE was a champion of the BINDT NDT apprenticeship scheme, taking on 17 apprentices over the next six years while continuing to contribute towards the on-going development of the scheme at an Institute level.

Following retirement, Roger continued his involvement with NDT apprenticeships. In his capacity as the BINDT Apprenticeships Project Manager, Roger corralled leading members of the NDT industry into a Working Group that subsequently focused its efforts initially into drafting an NDT Technician apprenticeship based upon BINDT’s original scheme to meet the requirements of the government’s Trailblazer framework. Those who have dealt with government organisations will be familiar with the attributes that are required in dealing with governmental departments that seem to constantly shift objectives; however, with great perseverance, stewardship and guile by Roger, the BINDT NDT Technician apprenticeship finally gained government approval in July 2015.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Roger took the opportunity to continue to work with the Trailblazer scheme to develop not one but two complementary NDT apprenticeship schemes that saw the adoption of both a BINDT NDT Operator and NDT Engineer apprenticeship also being approved. BINDT now finds itself in the envious position of being able to support industry in the provision of three NDT-based government-approved training schemes. This includes the development of the independent end-point assessment process, which allows BINDT, as a Professional Engineering Institute (PEI), to conduct the formal assessment of apprentices completing their programme; again, this function was developed and implemented through Roger.

With the NDT apprenticeship scheme structure now fully established, Roger continues to use his high profile within the NDT community, as Past President and current Council member, to promote the apprenticeship schemes through proactively visiting Branch meetings, conferences, companies and other bodies promoting the benefits of the scheme.

The success of the BINDT NDT apprenticeship scheme aligned to the government’s Trailblazer apprenticeship programme is, in no small way, attributable to Roger’s relentless contribution.

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