The Ron Halmshaw Award

Publications Award 

The Ron Halmshaw Award, established in 1994 through the generosity of Dr R Halmshaw MBE, is for the best paper published in Insight on any aspect of industrial radiography or radiology.

2018 winner:
Stefano Ridolfi

The 2018 winner is Stefano Ridolfi for his paper, titled: ‘Gilded copper studied by non-destructive energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence’, which appeared in Insight, Vol 60, No 1, January 2018 (DOI: 10.1784/insi.2018.60.1.37).

Stefano Ridolfi is a nuclear physicist devoted to cultural heritage. Working at the Sapienza University in Rome, he teaches an archaeometry course in science applied to cultural heritage.

Stefano is CEO of Ars Mensurae, the first spin-off company in Italy specifically devoted to the development and use of portable non-invasive systems for the analysis of cultural heritage objects.

Stefano owns three patents and is author of several scientific papers and book chapters related to the optimisation and use of portable energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) systems.

His current field of research is the development of portable macro X-ray fluorescence (MAXRF) (XRF scanners) systems.

Stefano has been married to Luisa for 25 years and has three children, Samuele, Flaminia and Rebecca.

Past winners:
1995    J-E Holmström
1996    Dr E A Birt
1997    A B Wooldridge, Dr R K Chapman, Dr G A Georgiou, I Munns and G S Woodcock
1998    Dr S Ekinci, N Bas, M Aksu, A Yıldırım, M Bingöldag, T Kurtcebe, M Dogruöz, S Sarıçam and N Yılmaz
1999    A McNulty, J McNab and W K J Greenwood
2000    P R Vaidya
2001    R R da Silva, M H S Siqueira, L P Calôba and J M A Rebello
2002    A G Vincent, V Rebuffel, R Guillemaud, L Gerfault and P Y Coulon
2003    Dr G A Georgiou and Mr C R A Schneider
2004    S Smalley and G Wilson
2005    D Mery, D Hahn and N Hitschfeld
2006    Dr G-R Jaenisch, C Bellon, U Samadurau, M E Zhukovskiy and S V Podoliako
2007    V Rebuffel and J-M Dinten
2008    S F Burch and B A Stow
2009    Q Shen, J Gao and C Li
2010    K Arunmutha, P Arun Kumar, T Saravanan, J Philip, T Jayakumar and B Raj
2011    Dr S F Burch
2012    V Riffo and D Mery / J Guo, L Zeng, B Li and W Yu
2013    X Zhao, J-J Hu, T Yang and F Wang
2014    W Gao and Y H Hu
2015    Ge Lijing, Li Linsheng, Xie Jialong and Lin Guoxiang
2016    Changying Dang, Jianmin Gao, Zhao Wang, Yulin Xiao and Yalin Zhao
2017    Domingo Mery, Vladimir Riffo, Irene Zuccar and Christian Pieringer

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