The BINDT Annual Conference Paper Award

Events Award 

The BINDT Annual Conference Paper Award is an informal award presented at the end of the NDT Annual Conference for the best paper published in the conference Proceedings.

The BINDT Annual Conference Paper Award was not awarded in 2020.

Past winners:

2002    Dr K J Kirk
2003    Dr S F Burch
2004    Dr J Tyrer
2005    D I A Lines 
2006    S F Burch, N J Collett, S Terpstra and M V Hoekstra
2007    L J Nelson, K Brown, A Young, L D Jones and R A Smith
2008    S Terpstra and F Hoeve
2009    Prof B Drinkwater and A Bowler
2010    C Charlesworth
2011    M Alamin, G Y Tian, A Andrews and P Jackson
2012    Dr D Lipatis, D Yan and I Cooper
2013    X Xi and F Cegla
2014    Prof R A Smith, N Xie, L J Nelson and S R Hallett
2015    T Stratoudaki, M Clark and P Wilcox
2016    S F Burch and H R Peramatzis
2017    N Karimian, M O’Toole and A Peyton
2018    T Stratoudaki, Y Javadi, W Kerr, P D Wilcox, D Pieris and M Clark
2019    D Lines, Y Javadi, E Mohseni, M Vasilev, C MacLeod, R Vithanage, Z Qiu, R Zimermann, C Loukas, E Foster,
            G Pierce and A Gachagan

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