The Tony Lager Award

Open Award, Branch Award 

The Tony Lager Award was introduced in 1996 in honour of the late Tony Lager, who served the Institute for many years on head office and Branch committees, including Council. Tony passed away in July 1996.

No nominations were received for 2018.

The Tony Lager Award was originally established as a prize for the Institute Branch achieving the highest number of new members in the year. This criterion was altered after 2000; until then the winners of the award were:

1995    North West
1996    Solent
1997    London and Home Counties
1998    West of England/West Midlands
1999    South Wales/West of England
2000    South Wales 

Since then, the Award has been for meritorious service to an Institute Branch by an individual. The past winners are:

2002    Mr A Raine
2003    Mr P Stephens
2004    Mr J Pouncy
2012    Mr D Breeze and Mr B Webb
2013    Mr B Murray, Mr D Betts and Mr M R Dawson
2014    Mr B Shannon
2015    Mr Alan Hunscott

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