The William Gardner Award

Events Award, Publications Award 

The William Gardner Award is for the best paper published in the Proceedings of the Institute’s Annual Conference on NDT by a student or person in the early stages (first five years) of their career.

The William Gardner Award was not awarded in 2020.

Past winners:

2002    Dr C Holmes
2003    Dr D Kleiner
2004    Dr C Holmes
2005    I Pettigrew
2006    D Caravaca
2008    A Sorsa
2009    C J Lane
2010    C Charlesworth
2011    Dr A Chertov
2012    Dr L Bai and E Escobar-Ruiz
2013    M Felice
2014    A McGilip
2015    J Rose
2016    F A Biruu, E Balaban, E Ahmad and M Missous
2017    D Zhang, K Burnham, L Mcdonald, C Macleod, G Dobie, R Summan and G Pierce
2018    Don Pieris
2019    J M Watson, C W Liang, J Sexton and M Missous

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