The William Gardner Award

Events Award, Publications Award 

The William Gardner Award is for the best paper published in the Proceedings of the Institute’s Annual Conference on NDT by a student or person in the early stages (first five years) of their career.

2019 winners: J M Watson, C W Liang, J Sexton and M Missous

The William Gardner Award for 2019 is awarded to James Watson et al, University of Manchester, for their work on ‘Magnetic field frequency optimisation for MFL imaging using QWHE sensors’.

Past winners:

2002    Dr C Holmes
2003    Dr D Kleiner
2004    Dr C Holmes
2005    I Pettigrew
2006    D Caravaca
2008    A Sorsa
2009    C J Lane
2010    C Charlesworth
2011    Dr A Chertov
2012    Dr L Bai and E Escobar-Ruiz
2013    M Felice
2014    A McGilip
2015    J Rose
2016    F A Biruu, E Balaban, E Ahmad and M Missous
2017    D Zhang, K Burnham, L Mcdonald, C Macleod, G Dobie, R Summan and G Pierce
2018    Don Pieris

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