Education & Professional Development Committee


The Education and Professional Development Committee is an amalgamation of the former Education Committee and the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Development Group and is a subcommittee of the MQ&E Committee. The aim of the committee is to develop and promote educational and professional development initiatives that have both an immediate and long-term impact on the Institute and on the well-being and advancement of engineers, technicians and operators, together with industrial partners.

The following objectives have been identified as proposed ongoing actions for the group:
  • Develop and maintain NDT apprenticeship schemes
  • Continue the development of a joint welding inspection and PCN 
  • Level 2 NDT certification scheme for the benefit of the Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician apprenticeship
  • Develop education, training and qualification for in-service NDT
  • Promote continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Assist in the further development of the online ‘My BINDT’ CPD resource
  • Assist CSD in promoting education and training and maintaining PCN’s high standards worldwide
  • Publicise the resurgence of the former Education Committee
  • Work with education bodies in the design of NDT and CM education programmes
  • Identify research material that is suitable for education purposes
  • Contribute to market research to ascertain the demand for specific education or professional development programmes
  • Commission the writing of education and training material
  • Liaise with industry bodies to identify current and future education and training needs
  • Liaise with the Institute’s professional registration committee (Engineering Council Working Group) to help ensure that education and training provision satisfies professional registration standards
  • Generate, classify and maintain an online library of academic, education and training material
  • Manage the Institute’s CPD programmes
  • To develop and oversee the CPD process in liaison with CMC to ensure the requirements for certification renewal are being satisfied.