Governance Advisory Committee


The minimum composition of the Governance Advisory Committee (GAC) is the Honorary Secretary, President, President Elect, Honorary Treasurer, Institute CEO and external advisers, including legal,financial and compliance. The external advisors will include an expert in charity law, an expert in charity accounting and an expert in certification body compliance. Other senior officers and committee chairs may participate in the GAC where appropriate.

Responsibilities of the GAC include:

  • Monitoring the Institute’s compliance with its governance obligations, particularly with respect to charity regulations, company law, the Institute’s Articles of Association and Bye-Laws
  • Establishing panels to deal with actual or potential breaches of the requirements contained within the Institute’s governance documents:
    • Articles of Association
    • Bye-Law 1 – Constitution of Council
    • Bye-Law 2 – Organisation, Structure and Control of the Institute’s Committees
    • Bye-Law 3 – Rules for Branches
    • Bye-Law 4 – Impartiality.
  • Conducting an annual audit and review of the Institute’s governance arrangements. Any recommendations resulting from this review will be passed to the Institute’s Council and the relevant committees and staff
  • Making appropriate and timely recommendations to Council on any matter affecting the Institute’s governance.

In making recommendations to Council, the GAC will ensure that the appropriate external advisor(s) has been involved.