Membership, Qualification & Education Committee (MQ&E)


The Membership, Qualification and Education Committee (MQ&E) must be representative of the three sections of the Engineering Council’s Register and will invariably include no less than eight Engineering Council registrants holding a minimum of one CEng, one IEng and one EngTech.

The main objective of the committee is the assessment of an applicant’s suitability for Institute membership, which will be carried out by a panel consisting only of voting members of the Institute and containing at least one member of a grade higher than that of the application (except when assessing an applicant for Fellow grade).

Other responsibilities of the MQ&E Committee include:
  • Recommending standards to be adopted for admission to various grades of membership
  • Assessing applications for all full membership grades
  • Assessing applications for registration with the Engineering Council (UK)
  • Managing the engineer registration processes
  • Managing the approval of training bodies and education and training programmes
  • Sponsoring and/or advising on training programmes
  • Sponsoring and/or advising on competency tests
  • Liaising with such organisations as may be appropriate in all matters concerned with education, training, examination, certification and registration
  • Membership development
  • Liaising with Branches.