NDT Technical Committee (NDTTC)


The NDT Technical Committee is concerned with providing a range of high-quality, relevant and informative publications for members and subscribers that update and inform them, covering all aspects of NDT, CM and related disciplines, and identifying technologies or industries where literature may be limited and seeking to address this.

The committee aims to provide an annual NDT conference and exhibition, which disseminates the scientific and technical knowledge that exists in the NDT community, and to provide further symposia, workshops and other events for members related to a particular industry/theme.

The committee also oversees the development of the Institute's website.

In particular, the responsibilities of the NDT Technical Committee include:
  • Publication of the Institute's Journal Insight
  • Production of NDT technical publications
  • Establishing panels of referees for technical papers
  • Organisation of conferences and symposia including the Institute's annual conference
  • Liaising with Institute Branches and other sections of the Institute concerning technical activities
  • Liaising with other organisations in the sponsoring or organising of conferences and symposia
  • Liaising with relevant research and development centres
  • Advising on technical developments within NDT
  • Proposing new publishing, conference and other technical initiatives.
Contact: ndttc@bindt.org