Full Matrix Capture (FMC) User Group

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The Full Matrix Capture (FMC) User Group of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing has been established to promote and advance FMC and associated processing techniques for ultrasonic array data by using standardisation as appropriate and recommending best practice.

The current objectives for the group are as follows:
  • Continue to develop and support the common format for storage of raw FMC data (i.e.) the MFMC initiative, see below)
  • Develop a common format for storage of reconstructed data (e.g. images) generated from FMC data
  • Review existing techniques for the calibration for FMC inspection and provide a recommendation for best practice 
  • Share of experience and best practice in qualifying FMC-based inspections
  • Review FMC-based training courses / manual to identify gaps and produce a recommended syllabus if necessary
Chair The current chair of the group is Professor Paul Wilcox (p.wilcox@bristol.ac.uk).


The FMC User group shall operate under the Terms of Reference approved by the BINDT NDT Technical Committee. On any issue involving committing BINDT staff, images, or resources the group must make a recommendation to the BINDT NDT Technical Committee. On matters concerning technicalities and documents related to the group topic, the group may make a decision by voting amongst its members.


Membership of the Group is open to anyone who has an interest in THz or associated techniques for inspection. Neither membership of BINDT nor being based in the UK is a requirement. To join the group and be added to the mailing list, please contact the Chair.

Discussion forum The FMC User Group discussion forum can be found here:

Minutes of meetings
Document Minutes of meetings held

Minutes of meeting 6 September 2022

Minutes of meeting 18 February 2020

Minutes of meeting 19 November 2019

Minutes of meeting 25 April 2019

Minutes of meeting 13 December 2018

Minutes of meeting 5 November 2018

Minutes of meeting 31 October 2018


Minutes of meeting 26 September 2018


Minutes of meeting 12 July 2018


Minutes of meeting 7 June 2018


Minutes of meeting 4 May 2018

Other documents
Document Title
FMC data: How to create a common file format

The MFMC initiative

The multi-frame full matrix capture (MFMC) file format is an open format designed for the storage and interchange of data obtained from ultrasonic array probes. It has been designed specifically for the storage of the original ultrasonic data in its raw form acquired under the paradigm of full matrix capture (FMC), although the format can accommodate other acquisition modalities. The specification for the MFMC common file format is found in the link below: