Full Matrix Capture (FMC) User Group

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The Full Matrix Capture (FMC) User Group of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing has been established to promote and advance full matrix capture and its associated techniques by using standardisation as appropriate and recommending best practice.

The following objectives have been identified as immediate priorities for the group:
  • Review existing techniques for the calibration for FMC inspection and provide a recommendation for best practice 
  • An FMC common file format for raw data 
  • Production of a guide of agreed terminology 
  • A common file format for reconstructed data with links to the raw data format (ie TFM data).

The following additional objectives have also been identified:
  • Create a list of the recommended practices developed by this group against which organisations (ie equipment manufacturers) may show compliance 
  • Provision of guidance on reconstruction methods 
  • Production of a best practice guide for FMC-based inspection 
  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of FMC and when it is worth using FMC in place of other techniques 
  • Capture industry based study to showcase the technique
  • Best practice for storage of the data (How to deal with data volumes, server, archive etc). 

The full terms of reference for the FMC User Group can be downloaded here.

Common file format The multi-frame full matrix capture (MFMC) file format is an open format designed for the storage and interchange of data obtained from ultrasonic array probes. It has been designed specifically for the storage of the original ultrasonic data in its raw form acquired under the paradigm of full matrix capture (FMC), although the format can accommodate other acquisition modalities. The specification for the MFMC common file format is found in the link below.


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Minutes of meeting 4 May 2018

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