Joint NDT/SHM/CM Working Group


Reporting to the BINDT NDT and CM Technical Committees, the Joint NDT/SHM/CM Working Group has been established to ensure a balanced and complete treatment within BINDT of the NDT, SHM and CM branches, including the overlaps between them, such that the Working Group is no longer necessary once this has been achieved.

The objectives of the working group are:
  • To capture the differences between NDT, SHM and CM, identifying where these need to remain and be embraced by BINDT
  • To consider technical fields that lie in the intersections between NDT, SHM and CM and ensure they are adequately catered for in BINDT with technical user groups, certification groups, etc
  • To raise the profile of SHM, ensure it has leadership and build it into BINDT’s strategy, committee structure, certification, conferences, publications, etc
  • To ensure synergistic topics are covered within the committee structure, working groups, user groups, etc
  • To convene and/or encourage events and publications that cross over between NDT, SHM and CM, including identifying and publicising existing events (recognising that the Technical Committees have responsibility for publications and events).