Liability Working Group


Reporting to BINDT's Governance Advisory Committee, the Liability Working Group meets at least annually and co-opts legal and insurance representatives to provide expertise to the group. The aims of the Liability Working Group are:
  • To acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of liability matters
  • To contribute to the good governance of BINDT by creating guidelines to help ensure that staff and committees operate strictly within their 'no professional advice' remit
  • To commission the production of recommended practices for controlling professional negligence liability of relevance to the NDT industry. Such recommended practices will address the need to provide clarity as to where liability should sit when a supply chain is involved (for example equipment providers, consumable providers, service inspection providers, consultants, research groups, end-users, etc)
  • To work with brokers (for example Bluefin) to help them and the insurers they represent better understand the professional negligence risk associated with the provision of services or products into the NDT market, especially in situations where new technology, or new applications of existing technology, are being introduced
  • To provide clarity for service providers (including sole-trader practitioners) with regards to: (a) the need for effective public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover; (b) where such cover may be acquired; and (c) who might be legally ultimately responsible for the work undertaken by practitioners.