Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group

Advisory Groups and Committees 

BINDT prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive organisation. Members join the NDT community from many different disciplines and through many different educational and professional routes. BINDT aims to represent and work for all members and promote their interests in the most appropriate ways.

The Institute has signed the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Engineering Diversity Concordat, which indicates a commitment to diversity and inclusion that is shared by the UK’s Professional Engineering Institutes. The following three core activities are highlighted in the Concordat as being necessary to improve diversity in PEIs:
  • Communicate commitment to equality and inclusion principles and practices
  • Take action to increase diversity among those in professional engineering membership and registration
  • Monitor and measure progress.

BINDT recognises that it is necessary to be proactive to achieve improved diversity and inclusion. The Institute has established a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group to consider how BINDT will carry out its responsibilities under the Concordat and promote the objectives of diversity and inclusion within the organisation, in its interactions with members and among the wider NDT community.

If you have any suggestions or would like to participate in the work of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group, then please contact Cindy Bailey (cindy.bailey@bindt.org).