Practitioner Committee

Advisory Groups and Committees 

The Practitioner Committee is an advisory group to Council focusing on the effective engagement of the Institute with NDT and CM practitioners at all levels in industry, ensuring its relevance to the practitioner community and pursuing the advancement of the science and engineering of NDT and CM at a practical level.

The objectives of the Practitioner Committee include:
  • To identify, understand and define the principles of engagement with NDT and CM practitioners, including their aspirations and expectations in respect of the form and extent of support from BINDT
  • To address specific concerns that exist within the practitioner community, in a timely and organised manner utilising due democratic process within the hierarchy of the BINDT committee structure, with a view to dispelling the perception of an unwieldy, unresponsive or unhelpful institute
  • To develop a plan for demonstrable engagement of BINDT staff and volunteers with the practitioner community, exploiting synergies and infrastructure that enables effective use of resources that can publicise, organise and facilitate appropriate forums for effective engagement with practitioners, ensuring that, when drafting documentation or through revision and amendment of existing documentation, the certification available is compatible with international and European standards covering certification of personnel where this is appropriate
  • To secure approval and where necessary funding or budget allocation from Council, in order to implement initiatives and produce tangible benefits for practitioners in industry
  • Act to remove, reduce or negate barriers to effective engagement of practitioners with BINDT
  • Improve access to existing and emerging learning resources and encourage the active participation of practitioners in continuing professional development (CPD).