NDE 4.0 Group

Special Interest Groups 

The NDE 4.0 Group of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing has been established to aid the adoption of and transition to NDE 4.0. The NDE 4.0 Group reports through its Executive Committee to the NDT Technical Committee.

Its enabling objectives are:

  1. Promoting and enabling the introduction of new NDE 4.0 technologies by identifying and tackling barriers, and education of manufacturing and maintenance supply chains in particular

  2. Supporting the contribution of NDE to wider Industry 4.0 practices, frameworks, including through-life approaches, thereby enabling a greater organisational value from NDE to be unlocked

  3. Conducting a road-mapping exercise, revisited periodically, to help determine the detailed priorities of the group. A particular focus will be placed on elements requiring coordination across the field and beyond, such as interfaces and data formats for inter-operability

  4. Supporting the transition to NDE 4.0 practices by contributing to the definition and planning of future qualifications, and future Institute offerings in general.

Membership of the group is open to anyone who is at least an Affiliate Member of the Institute and has an interest in Industry 4.0. Membership is free of any additional charge.

The full terms of reference for the NDE 4.0 Group can be downloaded here.