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The following case studies and explainer guides relate to a number of different thermography disciplines. The content has been written by thermographers who are experts in their field. If you would like further information, please contact the relevant author(s).

Explainer Guides:

Building Thermography
This document explains the background of building infrared thermography and how it can be used to test and solve problems in buildings of any age, size, use or construction type.

Electrical Thermography
This document explains the background of infrared thermography within the commercial and industrial sectors to inspect electrical equipment and safely identify defects.

Veterinary Thermography
This document explains the background of thermal imaging (thermography) within the equine field and how many injuries can be accurately detected before any physical signs or symptoms become apparent.
Case Studies:

Equine Thermography Case Study
Injury Investigation/Monitoring
16hh six-year-old SJ Warmblood

Equine Thermography Case Study
Intermittent Lameness
16 hh ten-year-old TB Gelding, ex racehorse

Equine Thermography Case Study
Poor Performance
15.3 hh three-year-old TB Filly, flat racehorse in training

Equine Thermography Case Study
Unusual Behaviour
15.2 hh eight-year-old Cob

Infrared Glossary
This document explains the infrared terms that are frequently used across the different disciplines.
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