2014 Aerospace Workshop

29 April 2014, BAWA Conference Centre, Filton, Bristol BS34 7RG, UK 


29 April 2014
BAWA Conference Centre, Filton, Bristol BS34 7RG


• Presentations on today’s issues •

Details of the workshop:
This workshop, organised by the Aerospace Group of BINDT, will consider the connections and similarities between measurement techniques and non-destructive testing.

Increasingly, NDT techniques are being used not just to detect defects but also in materials characterisation – essentially the measurement of material properties. In addition, monitoring methods such as SHM are increasingly being employed and these make measurements over extended time frames. Thus, in the future there is likely to be a closer connection between the disciplines of measurement and NDT.

Workshop aim:
To consider examples where NDT techniques are used for measurement and measurement techniques are used for defect detection (including X-ray CT and ultrasonic inspection of composites). Methods for understanding and determining uncertainty in measurements and NDT will be addressed. The day will consist of a series of talks, with time to discuss topics that are raised.

Programme summary:
Presentations from all sectors of aerospace

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Attendance fee:
The attendance fee is £55.00 + VAT.
This fee covers attendance at the workshop, tea/coffee breaks and lunch.

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– £10.00 discount

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– £20.00 discount

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