Programme 9-10 October

10-12 October 2016, Novotel Paris Sud, Porte de Charenton, Paris, France 

Sunday 9 October  
Registration – Room: Le Forum

Monday 10 October
08.00 Registration – Room: Le Forum
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Le Forum
09.00 Opening Ceremony – Chair: Professor L Gelman
Room: Amphitheatre
Plenary Keynote Lecture –
[101] Condition monitoring and fault diagnostics of wind turbines
Professor F Chu, China
Chair: Professor L Gelman
Room: Amphitheatre
Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Le Forum
  Session 1A Room: Amphitheatre – Signal processing: Identification, fault diagnosis and reliability for complex system monitoring 1
Chair: Dr N Martin
Session 1B Room: Decouverte 3 – Trained structures and statistical methods in condition monitoring
Chair: Professor L Kuravsky
Session 1C Room: Decouverte 4 – Condition monitoring of industrial applications
Chair: Professor Dr S Soua
Session 1D Room: Intuition – Advanced signal processing and diagnostics in condition monitoring
Chair: Dr E Juuso

10.20 [102] Gear fault detection using the geometric properties of electrical signals in three-phase induction motor-based systems

M Frini, A Soualhi, M E Badaoui and G Marrakchi
Université de Lyon

[103] Assessment of flight crew proficiency using integrated diagnostic indicators

L S Kuravsky,
P A Marmalyuk and G A Yuryev
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
[104] Fuel tank leakage detection based on acoustic emission

S Tavakoli1, T-H Gan1, C Selcuk1, C Beysel2 and Ș T Karasarlioğlu2
1Brunel University
2Floteks Plastik Inc Co
[105] Rod mill liner monitoring using cumulative stress

A Koistinen, J Laurila and
E Juuso
University of Oulu

10.40[106] Hybrid parametric-non-parametric models for lifespan modelling of insulation materials

F Salameh, A Picot, P Maussion and M Chabert
University of Toulouse

[107] On the question of turbine fluid-flow system lifetime prognosis

T Galka
Institute of Power Engineering
[108] Ultrasonic guided wave propagation analysis under different load tension levels in multi-wire cables

S Malo Peces, M Livadas,
C Selcuk, T-H Gan and C Mares
Brunel University

[109] Signal upsampling in machine diagnostics – an experimental approach

K Karioja and J Laurila
University of Oulu

11.00[110] New analysis tools for the diagnostic of gear systems

F Combet, J-L Vasseline and X Thomas

[111] The concept of an adaptive trainer for CM personnel

L S Kuravsky, A A Margolis, P A Marmalyuk,
A S Panfilova, G A Yuryev and P N Dumin  
Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

[113] Roller bearing fault detection using real-order derivatives and cyclostationarity

K Karioja1, R P Nikula1,
C Niedringhaus2, C Küch2 and R Baltes2
1University of Oulu
2RWTH Aachen University

10-Minute Comfort Break
11.30[114] Bearing fault monitoring in electrical rotating machines through three-phase electrical signal analysis

G Cablea, P Granjon and C Bérengeur
Université Grenoble Alpes and CNRS, GIPSA-lab

[115] On the rational design of fuel assemblies for reactor facilities

V D Sizarev and
A K Nametkin
Joint Stock Company
[120] VARA: Vibration monitoring and risk analysis system for the avoidance of vibration induced fatigue in process pipework

Á Angulo

[117] Intelligent indicators for integrating condition monitoring and control

E K Juuso
University of Oulu

11.50[118] AStrion assets for the detection of a main bearing failure in an onshore wind turbine

X Laval2,3, G Song2,3,
Z-Y Li2,3, P Bellemain2,3,
M Lefray2,3, N Martin2,3, A Lebranchu1,2,3 and C Mailhes4
2Université Grenoble Alpes
4University of Toulouse

[119] Relative vibration full spectra and orbits in compressor condition monitoring

F Balitsky 1,2 and
A Sokolova1
1Federal Budget-Funded Research Institute for Machine Science named after A A Blagonravov of Russian Academy of Sciences (IMASH RAN), Moscow
2Scientific Education Center Kachestvo, Moscow
[124] Infrared thermography technology – past, present and future

T Clausing
Drysdale & Associates Inc, USA

[121] Tuning of physical models with the data-driven models for hybrid prognosis

M Mishra
Luleå University of Technology

12.10[122] Order tracking using the Kalman estimator and Taylor series approximation

A Assoumane, C Capdessus, E Sekko and P Ravier
PRISME Laboratory

[123] Hidden Markov models in condition monitoring

S N Baranov
Russian Aviation Co
[125] Applications of condition monitoring to wire ropes using NDT on overhead cranes

S Elliott and D Randall
Interface Condition Monitoring Ltd

Lunch and Exhibition – Room: Le Forum
Plenary Keynote Lecture – [126] Health monitoring of new generation aerospace
Professor I Gray, Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (UK)
Chair: Professor L Gelman
Room: Amphitheatre
  Session 2A Room: Amphitheatre – Condition monitoring systems
Chair: Professor V Kostyukov
Session 2B Room: Decouverte 3 – Vibration condition monitoring
Chair: Dr S Ganeriwala
Session 2C Room: Decouverte 4 – Condition monitoring for machinery and processes
Chair: TBC
14.00 [127] Assessment of failure probability and operational risks of process plants according to the data of condition monitoring systems

V N Kostyukov,
A V Kostyukov and
S N Boychenko
Dynamics SPC

[128] Condition monitoring of gears using uncertainty techniques

S A Aye and P S Heyns
University of Pretoria
[129] Online identification of a hard turning process – surface finishing and geometric accuracy

A Jhinaoui

14.20[130] Formation of diagnostic signs vector on the basis of a characteristic function of vibroacoustic signal

V N Kostyukov,
S I Kudryavtseva,
A P Naumenko and
S N Boychenko
Dynamics SPC

[131] A rational approach for developing physics based model for vibration signature of shaft/coupling misalignment

S Ganeriwala and N Sawalhi
SpectraQuest Inc

[135] The benefits of CM in a nuclear environment

M Brind

14.40[133] Development of methodical support for turbine unit shaft defect and stress monitoring systems at thermal power stations and atomic power stations with application of shaft displacement sensors

A I Kumenko, V N Kostyukov, N Y Kuzminykh and A V Timin
Dynamics SPC

[134] Signal separation technique of vibration signal for detecting rolling element bearing faults in a gearbox

S Ganeriwala and J Yang
SpectraQuest Inc

Tea, Coffee and Exhibition – Room: Le Forum

Session 3A Room: Amphitheatre – Maintenance and machinery simulation
Chair: Professor V Kostyukov and Professor A Kumenko
Session 3B Room: Decouverte 3 – Advanced signal processing for MCM and NDT
Chair: Professor R Smid
Session 3C Room: Decouverte 4 – Signal analysis and sensors
Chair: Dr J Padiyar
15.30 Specialised Keynote Presentation
[136] Strategising condition monitoring in industry 'zero failure' of the assets

V B Tripathi
Head of Reliability, QP, Dukhan, Quatar

[137] Relative shaft vibration calibration technique for blade monitoring

J Jakl1, J Liska1, J Strnad1 and Z Kubin2
1University of West Bohemia, Pilsen and NTIS – European Centre of Excellence
2Doosan Skoda Power

[138] An improved empirical wavelet transform study based on wind turbine condition monitoring signals

P Shi1, W Yang1, P McKeever2, W Tian1, H Lee1 and C Ng2
1Newcastle University
2Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

15.50[139] Mathematical and physical simulation of diagnostics problem on the test rotor stand

A I Kumenko, V N Kostyukov, I A Suminov and
N Y Kuzminykh
Dynamics SPC

[140] Turbine blades state monitoring based on advanced order analysis

V Vasicek, J Liska and
J Jakl
University of West Bohemia, Pilsen
[144] Enabling accurate condition monitoring with embedded nanoparticle sensing

J Blanche1, D Flynn1, L Seghizzi4, H Lewis2, D Bucknall5, V Stone6 and R Cheung3
1Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems, Heriot-Watt University
2Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University
3Scottish Microelectronics Centre, University of Edinburgh
4Politecnio di Milano
5Institute of Chemical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University
6Institute of Biological Chemistry, Heriot-Watt University

16.10[142] Rubbing vibration behaviour between rotors and compliant-segmented stators

M Behzad and M Alvandi
Sharif University of Technology

[143] Reliability and availability increasing by using the reliability-centered maintenance method in gas turbine generators (case study)

S Shasfand1, S M Seyed Hosseini2 and K Shahanaghi2
1Tabriz Petrochemical Company, Iran
2Iran University of Science and Technology

[147] Test results for a capacitance-based corrosion sensor

H K Twigg and M Molinari
Southampton Solent University

[146] Bearing spall size quantification based on geometric interpretation of vibration envelope energy

M A A Ismail1 and
N Sawalhi2
1DLR (German Aerospace Center),
2Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

18.00 Evening event – Meet for dinner in the hotel restaurant at 17.00 followed by departure in groups of 20 to alight the metro to Concorde Square to meet the guide for a walking tour of various sights including the Eiffel Tower
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