Corrosion prediction algorithm and condition monitoring system for efficient diagnosis and prognosis of high-value mobile and stationary assets


Large complex interacting systems and metal structures operating in uncontrolled environmental conditions are susceptible to various types of corrosion damages and coating failures. Comprehensive and multi-disciplinary prognostic models have been developed for the prediction of failures due to various corrosion mechanisms, fracture and delamination of coatings to include blistering. These models incorporate solid mechanics, electrochemistry and meteorological parameters which are the main factors for corrosion and coating failures.

Condition monitoring system has been developed for large vehicles, operating remotely, to detect corrosion reaction at an early stage, due to salinity in the atmosphere. This is based on the concept of linear polarisation resistance theory.

Comprehensive algorithm has been proposed to precisely quantify corrosion damage within large vehicles operating in outdoor uncontrolled environmental conditions. The aim of this research is to provide state-of-the-art solutions for effective and proactive corrosion damage alerts for large vehicles to facilitate cost effective and time efficient maintenance strategies for high value assets.