The big data technology in real-time condition monitoring systems


Modern technological production is inconceivable without the use of equipment technical state monitoring systems. The main ways to increase efficiency of the monitoring systems implementation in production are provided:
- implementation of the real-time systems that ensure continuous monitoring of the most important equipment;
- implementation of the systems at all stages of the equipment life cycle (input control, operation and repair);
- implementation of the comprehensive systems that provide monitoring of various equipment (for example, dynamic and static) on a single hardware and software platform;
- integration of the systems into the enterprise diagnostic network with presentation of information on the equipment state to all interested services.

Within these systems implementation in real production the huge amounts of data are generated. The data volume and diversity allow to classify them as the currently developing “big data” technologies.

The paper discusses the issues of the real-time operation with data of the equipment technical state monitoring systems:
- the unified format of the “big monitoring data” representation;
- efficiency of storage and transmission of  the “big monitoring data”;
- presentation of  the “big monitoring data” to different users;
- application of the “big monitoring data” for improvement of the expert monitoring system and ensuring the efficiency of scientific researches.

The real-time application of the “big data” technologies in the equipment technical state monitoring systems allows to increase the efficiency of these systems implementation at modern technological complexes.