Experimental testing for pitting and durability in gears for condition monitoring


Gear vibrations are the main source of noise in vehicle transmission, and produce relevant issues in gearboxes for industrial applications. Identify the gears failure timely it’s an important task in condition monitoring. In this paper is presented an experimental work about gear testing, the aim of the activity is to monitor the efficiency and durability of a pair of gears, different gear surface treatments has been tested at the same conditions (tempered, carburized, nitrided, surface patterning to enhance tribological behaviour) and vibration analysis has been used to monitor and predict the condition of the gears.

The development of the experimental setup is deeply described and multiple sensors has been used to acquire vibration data from rotating shafts and the frame, moreover two in-line torque meter has been used to investigate the behaviour of mechanical efficiency.

Vibration monitoring methods are regularly used for revealing of fault in gears, those techniques perceive the fluctuations in gear loads such as frequency-domain analysis and order tracking methods.

An extensive acquisition campaign has been made to have statistical consistency of the activity.